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Revenge of Scar English dub

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Screenshot from the trailer for Fullmetal Alchemist: Revenge of Scar. Pic credit: Netflix
Screenshot from the trailer for Fullmetal Alchemist: Revenge of Scar. Pic credit: Netflix

On August 20, 2022, Netflix began streaming the movie Fullmetal Alchemist: Revenge of Scar English dub version. If you’re still on the fence about watching this movie here are my Top 10 reasons why Fullmetal Alchemist: Revenge of Scar is a must-watch for Fullmetal Alchemist fans, even if you weren’t a fan of the first one, which some fans thought was good, but had many depressing moments.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Revenge of Scar revolves around the Elric brothers fighting against Scar – an Ishvalan, who seeks vengeance on the Alchemists that wiped out the Ishvalan homeland six years ago. The movie is action-packed with great special effects and has a complex plot filled with intriguing mysteries revolving around the secret of immortality, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the homunculi. There are some heart-wrenching moments in the film, but they’re not the depressing kind.

The movie begins with Scar hunting an Alchemist named Jorio Comanche, who is also known as the Silver Alchemist. A fierce battle ensues with the Silver Alchemist displaying his unique skills, such as launching deadly metal chains toward Scar. Scar also reveals his unique ability of “destruction” given to him by the tattoos on his right arm. Scar’s ability ensures his win in the fight.

Next, we see the Elric brothers – Edward and Alphonse about to board a train to Central Station. Apparently, they got a better hair stylist for this movie since Edward’s blonde hair is much less yellow and more natural now. It’s a huge improvement! Overall, everyone’s hair colors seem to be more natural, and their hairstyles while anime-inspired aren’t over-the-top.

As Ed enters the train he humorously steps on an unconscious man, who turns out to be Lin Yao from the Eastern Kingdom of Xing. As soon as Lin Yao began talking I was able to recognize that he is the same dub actor from the anime!

10. Todd Haberkorn’s vocal performance as Lin Yao

Voice actor Todd Haberkorn has such a distinctive voice I was able to recognize him instantly when Lin Yao began speaking. Todd Haberkorn does an amazing job bringing an extra layer of emotion to a dub, which otherwise might have been merely normal. Fullmetal Alchemist: Revenge of Scar’s dub was directed by Monia Anachi. Tyler Rhoads directed the dub for the first film. Todd Haberkorn also played Lin Yao in the English dub Fullmetal Alchemist anime. Voice actress Caitlin Glass also voiced Winry in the English dub of the anime.

After Ed and Al offer the man some food he reveals his identity as Lin Yao and explains he is studying the Purification Arts. Lin reveals he is seeking the Philosopher’s Stone in order to uncover the secret to immortality. Terrorists appear on the train with a mission to kill the important military officer that is onboard.

Lin’s assassin bodyguards appear and defeat the terrorists. However, Lin demands that Edward and Al tell him about the Philosopher’s Stone, and when they refuse to answer his questions they are forced to fight the assassins. Ed discovers one of the assassins is a girl and she has a penchant for throwing bombs/grenades at people.

Ed ends up fighting the assassin on the top of the train and when one of the bomb’s blasts knocks Ed back so he almost falls off the train he is saved by Hughes, who turns out to be Envy in disguise. Envy explains to Ed that he is a “precious human sacrifice” and he isn’t permitted to let Ed die.

Suddenly, Lin appears on the top of the train and when he sees Envy he is able to sense that “multiple souls” reside within Envy. Ed explains Envy is a homunculus so he shouldn’t bother fighting him since he’s immortal. Lin is immediately intrigued that Envy is immortal and orders the female assassin, Ranfun, to capture Envy. Lin and his bodyguards end up leaving the train in pursuit of Envy.

9. Amazing special effects and alchemy moments

Ed and Al tied up the terrorists, who gloat that they’ve destroyed the breaks on the train so that it will crash into Central Station and kill their target along with a lot of people. One of the terrorists ends up pushing Ed off the train and Al follows his brother. Ed is forced to use alchemy in order to raise the train tracks and slow down the train.

The scene where Ed uses his alchemy to raise the train tracks is very well done, and the special effects are amazing. This isn’t the first or only scene in this movie that has amazing special effects.

At the train station, Colonel Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye arrive and Roy puts the terrorists in their places showing off some of his skills as the infamous Flame Alchemist. Ed and Al discover that Fuhrer President King Bradley was on the train with them and he’d been the true target all along.

Back at headquarters, Ed and Al are debriefed on the current situation concerning the serial murders of State Alchemists by a man with a scar on his forehead, who they’ve simply dubbed Scar. Ed and Al are assigned two bodyguards: Breda and Falman, while they are in the city of Amestris.

Ed and Al try to lose their bodyguards in the city and Ed ends up stepping on the unconscious form of a young woman, who turns out to be May Chang, and her panda XiaoMei, who are both from Xiang. (It is later discovered she’s a princess, who is also on the search for the key to immortality).

When May calls Ed a runt he gets angry and chases her through Amestris. May ends up seeing Scar and hides behind him. One of Ed’s bodyguards finds him and calls out his name, alerting Scar that Edward is in fact the Fullmetal Alchemist he was searching for. Scar uses his hand of destruction to kill the bodyguard.

8. Scar is a perfectly cast anti-hero/villain

Immediately, Ed and Al are forced to fight Scar. Voice actor Parry Shen does a great job playing Scar and his performance really matches actor Mackenyu’s badass attitude.

When Al uses Alchemy to make a wall to prevent Scar from chasing him, both brothers are surprised when Scar shows off his ability to destroy things with his right arm by destroying the entire wall. When Al’s armor is damaged Ed’s guard is lowered, and Scar destroys Ed’s automail arm.

Without his right arm, Ed is unable to perform alchemy and is a sitting duck. Ed tells Scar he can kill him, but to please spare Al. Scar is just about to destroy Ed with his right arm when Roy Mustang and his allies appear in order to arrest Scar.

Roy is eager to confront Scar, but when it begins to rain Roy is unable to use his signature Flame Alchemy. Roy would have been disintegrated if not for Riza tripping Roy up and covering him with gunfire.

The Strong Arm Alchemist, Alex Louis Armstrong, steps up to the plate to fight Scar, but Scar ends up escaping underground. Ed and Al learn that the Ishvalans were a tribe in the East that worshipped Ishvala as their main god.

There was tension with the state caused by these religious differences. Then an officer shot and killed an Ishvalan child 13 years ago, which started an all-out rebellion. After 7 years of fighting, the military command decided to conduct a campaign against Ishvala using State Alchemists. The State Alchemists were recruited as “living weapons” and the campaign ended up being a massacre.

Roy reveals he was one of those “weapons” and explains Scar is justifiably seeking vengeance as a survivor. Ed disagrees saying you can’t justify vengeance if innocent people are hurt.

7. Ed’s silly smile while thinking about Winry

Ed has to get his arm fixed and is happy because this means he will have to go and see his mechanic and crush Winry. When Roy and the others notice the silly smile on Ed’s face they all tease him for it. The actor who plays Edward, Ryosuke Yamada, really does a great job with his facial expressions, which have a distinct anime flair that isn’t overdone.

6. Caleb and Matthew make a great brotherly duo

Caleb Yen is the English voice actor, who plays Edward, and does a great job matching Ed’s personality and emotions. Vic Mignongna played Edward in the first film but was replaced due to being accused of sexual harassment in 2019.

Voice actor Matthew Moy replaced Aaron Dismuke as Alphonse Elric, but the reason behind this casting is currently unknown. It was most likely due to the fact Caleb Yen and Matthew Moy have great chemistry when voice acting together and you really feel their brotherly bond in their vocal performance.

Meanwhile, Scar encounters Gluttony and Envy, who try to kill him, but Lin and his bodyguards appear. Scar realizes the dangerous situation he’s in and decides to simply destroy the entire sewer around them.

Roy and Armstrong reminisce about their time in Ishval and the horrors of war and genocide. Roy is worried that Ed might be used as a “living weapon” someday before he manages to recover his body.

7. Dean Fujioka and Steve Phelan bring Roy Mustang to life

Roy Mustang is played by the actor Dean Fujioka and voice actor Steve Phelan does his English dub. This pair seems to be a match made in heaven. Steve Phelan is able to accurately portray Roy’s brooding character. The best English dubs are the ones where you can’t tell they’re being dubbed, and this particular vocal performance is a prime example of that.

Ed travels back to his hometown to get his automail fixed by Winry. Winry is appalled to discover Ed’s entire arm is gone but makes Ed wait his turn to get his arm fixed. While he’s waiting Ed decides to go and leave some flowers on his mother’s grave. He is surprised to encounter his father, Van Hohenheim, also visiting his mother Trisha’s grave. Ed admonishes his father for abandoning his family and Hohenheim takes it in stride.

Meanwhile, Scar regains consciousness and discovers that May rescued him from the sewers, and took him to the slums where Ishvalan refugees have sought refuge.

6. A clue/Easter Egg is dropped about Xerxes

Around this time, Edward’s father asks Pinako if he can take a family photo of Ed, Al, and his wife Trisha with him. She agrees and Hohenheim decides to give her a warning that their city will be like the legendary city Xerxes, which was destroyed overnight.

Ed, who’d been eavesdropping, decides to travel to the ruins of Xerxes in search of answers. Ed explores the ruins of Xerxes and sees a kind of transmutation circle that is different from the ones he knows. Is it a transmutation circle that opens a Portal of Truth? Was its purpose to grant someone immortality? But an entire city was sacrificed in the process?

A group of Ishvalans appear and they want to take Ed hostage to make “him” liberate Ishval. Elder Shan appears and scolds them. Elder Shan tells Ed a story about two Amestrian doctors that helped the Ishvalans during the rebellion – the doctors Rockbell. Ed realizes that they’re talking about Winry’s deceased parents. There’s a flashback and we see the Rockbell doctors helping Ishvalans. Ed asks Elder Shan how they died and she reveals they were killed by a patient – an Ishvalan warrior monk with a tattoo on his right arm and a large injury on his face.

During the flashback we see Scar’s Master visit him and say that vengeance will only bring about more anger, hatred, and vengeance, and he advises Scar to simply endure everything instead.

Edward realizes that Scar was the one who killed Winry’s parents – the Rockbell doctors. Later, Ed encounters the Fuhrer’s adopted son Selim, who happens to be a fan of his. Ed grows angry with Selim when the kid calls him short, however.

Later at the hotel, when Ed fixes Al he tells him Scar killed Winry’s parents and that Hohenheim warned the city of Amestris will end up like Xerxes. The brothers realize they need a homunculus in order to find out more. That’s when Lin appears and reveals he was eavesdropping on their entire conversation and steals Ed’s food.

Lin also reveals that he is the Emperor of Xing’s 12th son, and that there are 40 princes and princesses. The reason Lin is searching for the key to immortality is to aid the ailing emperor and gain his favor. Lin, Ed, and Al devise a plan in order to draw out the homunculi. Ed goes to the slums and starts using alchemy to fix things in order to draw Scar out. Once in danger, the homunculi will show up in order to protect them.

Scar appears and Ed and Al begin to fight him. Meanwhile, Winry has arrived in the area in order to give Ed a missing screw to his new automail arm. Gluttony and Envy watch the battle between the Elric brothers and Scar from afar, but when Lin and his assassins show up a fight ensues.

Ed confronts Scar about how he killed the Rockbell doctors and asks if he feels any remorse or guilt. Unfortunately, Winry overhears everything and is heartbroken to discover that a patient, a person her parents saved, killed them. She mindlessly grabs a gun and contemplates killing Scar.

Ed stops Winry from getting blood on her hands and shields her body. The way Ed protects Winry reminds Scar of how his brother once protected him from an attack from a State Alchemist during the rebellion, and he stays his hand. Al manages to use this moment of distraction to attack Scar.

5. Romantic moment between Ed and Winry

Ed tells Winry she’s saved so many people in their hometown of Resembool and that her hands aren’t meant for killing – they’re meant to help people. Winry lets go of the gun and allows Ed to comfort her. This is definitely the moment when the Ed X Winry shippers started squealing over this adorable moment.

Meanwhile, Lin and his assassins are pursuing the homunculi when the Fuhrer appears and starts attacking. Ranfun is injured during the fight, but Lin won’t abandon her. Ranfun throws a bomb/grenade at the Fuhrer, but it only manages to blast his eye patch off. Lin sees the symbol of the Oroboros on the Fuhrer’s eye, which means he’s actually a homunculus! Ranfun decides to cut her arm off and tie it to a dog in order to lure the homunculi away from Lin.

Meanwhile, Al fights against Scar, and Ed shows up to protect his brother. Gluttony appears and attacks Scar. Lin appears and shoves a bomb/grenade down Gluttony’s throat and blows him up. Lin tells Ed to make a metal wire, which they wrap around Gluttony’s body. The more Gluttony regenerates the tighter the wires get. Gluttony is effectively captured in this manner.

Riza and Winry show up in a car, and Riza shoots Scar in the leg. Lin tosses Gluttony into the backseat and tells Riza they need to go and pick up Ranfun, who escaped into the sewers. Ed and Al remain behind so they can try to capture scar, but May appears and uses her Purification Arts to allow her and Scar to escape. She accidentally leaves her panda behind.

While surgery is being performed on Ranfun for her arm, Lin meets Roy Mustang. Lin reveals to everyone that King Bradley is actually a homunculus. Instead of being freaked out by this, Roy believes this will actually makes things easier for him to overthrow Bradley.

Next, we see a mysterious figure with long blonde hair, who resembles Ed’s father, talking to the Fuhrer and demanding why Roy Mustang is being left alive. The Fuhrer explains Roy can “open the door”.

Meanwhile, May uses her Purification Arts to heal Scar’s leg injury and laments that she lost her panda.

Ed talks to Riza about what happened in Ishval. Riza reveals it was during her last year at the academy when she was sent on the Fuhrer’s genocidal campaign. There’s a flashback where Scar’s brother explains to Scar how the tattoos on his right arm are for destruction and those on the left are for creation. The tattoos are a mix of alchemy and the Purification Arts.

During the flashback we see Roy and Hughes reunite on the battlefield, and they’re saved by Riza’s sniper skills from a sneak attack. Meanwhile, Scar and his brother are in the middle of a war zone. Scar’s brother tries to hand him his research book and tells him to flee.

A State Alchemist, who is enjoying wiping out the Ishvalans, attacks and Scar’s brother tries to protect him. Unfortunately, Scar is mortally injured and his severed arm won’t stop bleeding. Scar’s brother decides to use alchemy to give his arm to his brother in order to save his life.

The Rockbell doctors find and treat Scar, however, when Scar realizes his brother is dead he goes berserk and kills the Rockwell doctors, who he believes are Amestrians and therefore his enemies.

Roy reveals to Hughes that he wishes he could protect everyone. Hughes suggests that Roy needs to climb the ranks until he becomes the Fuhrer so he can make that dream a reality.

4. Romantic moment between Riza and Roy

Roy talks to Riza about his plans for the future, and tells her that if he ever strays from the correct path again that’s she’s allowed to kill him – Riza and only Riza has that right. Since Fullmetal Alchemist fans all know that Riza is secretly in love with Roy and that’s one of the main reasons she’s always following him around, we know we can’t really expect Roy to flirt with Riza. But this moment where Roy tells Riza she’s the only one allowed to kill him is almost flirting in Roy Mustang’s book, and this is probably as close as we’re going to get to flirting from this stoic man!

3. The adorable panda XiaoMei

Meanwhile, the panda XiaoMei has attached itself to Al, and they’re walking through the city together. It’s hard to watch this panda’s adorable antics without a smile coming to your face. Those in charge of the CGI for the panda did an amazing job creating such a loveable creature!

XiaoMei spots May up ahead and runs after her. As soon as May is happily reunited with XiaoMei she says they need to return to Scar. Al decides to follow May in order to discover Scar’s whereabouts. Al later leads his brother to the hideout and they wait for May to leave before they enact their plan to finally capture Scar.

Edward and Scar immediately start fighting with Edward showing off some incredible alchemy skills by launching stone daggers toward Scar. When Scar predictably decides he should escape underground, Ed follows after him. Al has already captured Scar, but Scar cheekily reveals he didn’t just destroy the ground this time around, but the entire building.

Scar is about to use deconstruction on Ed, but Al pushes him out of the way. Then, Winry appears effectively distracting Scar and giving Al the chance to trap Scar’s arm in rock. Roy and Riza appear soon after.

Winry confronts Scar and to the surprise of everyone bandages his arm so that he won’t bleed to death. She explains that she doesn’t forgive Scar, but that her parents had to have saved Scar’s life for a reason. Scar tells Winry that the privilege to punish him is hers alone.

Scar remembers his Master’s words again – someone must endure it so that the cycle of hatred can be broken. Winry sees the ghosts of her parents that seem happy with her actions. Al says Scar will accept punishment and pay for his crimes. Scar says he’s the rot of war and doesn’t deserve forgiveness. Scar finally says that he’s sorry for his previous actions.

2. Scar’s redemption

That’s when a frantic Lin appears followed by a crazed Gluttony, who wants revenge on Roy Mustang because he killed Lust. Gluttony shows off an energy attack that eats things and takes them away to another dimension. A fierce battle against Gluttony ensues. Gluttony almost eats Winry, but Scar grabs Gluttony and protects her!

Scar tells the others to flee and Ed promises they’ll come back for him. Roy, Riza, and Winry drive off to safety. Scar is thrown out of the building by Gluttony, but before he can eat him Ed intervenes. That’s when Envy appears in the form of a horse and then transforms back into his human form.

Envy tells Gluttony he can eat Scar and Lin, but not Edward. Lin starts to fight Envy while Edward and Al face Gluttony. Envy tells Gluttony to eat Lin and Ed tries to push Lin out of the way. Envy freaks out about Edward getting eaten and Envy, Ed and Lin end up getting “eaten” by Gluttony. Al demands that Gluttony release his brother and Lin, but Gluttony forlornly says that he’s unable to.

1. Easter Egg about who “father” is and his goal

Meanwhile, Ed discovers that he’s inside Gluttony’s stomach. He finds Lin and Envy, and Envy explains that they’re inside a “Portal of Truth”. Ed reveals it’s nothing like the Portal of Truth he encountered. Envy explains “father” tried to create the Portal of Truth but ended up creating Gluttony, who is a failure. The Portal of Truth he managed to create is really just a space between realities with no exit.

Ed provokes Envy on to fight him, and Envy gets so fed up he decides to transform himself into a gigantic, hideous monster made up of all the souls he’s consumed. Edward is just about to face off against the monster when…it’s revealed that the story will be continued in the next movie.

From this scene, we can glean that whoever “father” is created the 7 homunculi that are named after the Seven Deadly Sins through experimentation. If Father is Edward’s own father, Van Hohenheim, then why was he experimenting with the homunculi and trying to find a way to open a Portal of Truth? Does Hohenheim desire immortality? Or was he searching for a way to cure his wife’s illness? Or does Hohenheim want to bring his dead wife back to life? Or is Hohenheim merely planning to sacrifice his son in order to open a Portal of Truth so he can selfishly gain immortality? We’ll have to wait until the next movie to find out!

Do you agree with my Top 10 reasons to watch the Netflix English dub of Fullmetal Alchemist: Revenge of Scar? What was your favorite moment in the movie? Do you have any lurking questions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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