Return Of The American Ballet Theatre

Return Of The American Ballet Theatre

The American Ballet Theatre (ABT) is happy it will be returning to indoor performances in October 2021 after a year of mostly inactivity due to Covid-19 restrictions. ABT Executive Director Kara Medoff Burnett is ecstatic that audiences will be happy to see the return of the ballet back to indoor venues. 

Outdoor performances with social distancing protocols in place have begun in 8 states in the United States where the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) got 20 of its 84 dancer troupe with 28 crew members.

ABT Executive Director Kara said that the troupe had learnt many lessons about Covid protocols during the outdoor sessions. She said ABT will be working with Doctors to ensure that all Covid protocols would be followed during the indoor sessions at the Lincoln facility in New York. She added that she knew that New York audiences would be waiting to see the ABT perform after a year-long interlude. ABT had, however, been performing digitally all these months and now audiences would be waiting to see the talented performers live. The cross country tour of 8 states had been largely successful and 6000- 8000 people had attended each of the outdoor sessions under the stars.

Return Of The American Ballet Theatre

ABT Director Kara assured the Worldwide exchange of CNBC that ABT is committed to the safety and good health of not only its audiences but its performers and stars as well. The ABT would be following all protocols as per directives from the CDC (Centre for Disease prevention and control). There are expected to be guidelines such as showing proof of vaccination or a Covid negative test result. ABT said they would be allowing further flexibility by way of allowing refund of tickets up to noon on the day of the performance so that audiences would not be inconvenienced with changes of venues or cancellations.

The ABT has utilised the period of lockdown well and composed 22 new ballets. 3 of these compositions including ‘Giselle’ will be performed during the upcoming indoor performances.  The dancers and support crew have been practising hard and honing their skills in 11 separate groups and are expected to put up a good show. 

Return Of The American Ballet Theatre

The live outdoor performances during the tour were mostly free but revenue from ticket sales during the October indoor performances are required for the sustenance of the ABT. ABT Director Kara is optimistic that audiences that did not get to see live indoor performances for a year would flock to the Lincoln Theatres in large numbers and that ABT would get its largest audiences in years.         

There have, however, been good performances by the ABT even during the lockdowns. In April 2021, The American Ballet Theatre performed at the Segerstrom Centre for the Arts at Costa Mesa, California. Among the shows, the highlight was ‘La Folla Variations’ which was the inaugural ballet theatre in the Uniting in movement Show.  

Meanwhile, the ABT prepares with all its lessons learnt in the form of adept flexibility to change over to emergency contingency plans during the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic as the Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus is causing infections, hospitalisations and deaths to rise once again in the United States. 

Meanwhile, the American Ballet Theatre, which has never seen such a pandemic since its inception in 1939, is confident it will get back the 300,000 audiences that its shows get in a year. While Executive Director Kara expects the ‘ pent up ‘ demand of art lovers across the country to bring back audiences in large numbers, she is in close touch with their medical advisor  Bob Galvin for all care and precautions during the upcoming shows of ABT.

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