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OTT giant Netflix doesn’t hesitate to bet on anime shows these days. Netflix recently announced that it will be releasing the anime Uncle From Another World in the coming months. However, Netflix will pilot the opening episode of the anime. The terrible outcome of the tragic incident with a girl’s uncle is worth seeing. In addition, there is much more to discuss about the anime. But before we move on to more details, here are some details about anime source manga that you should know!

Hotondoshindeiru wrote and illustrated the source manga of the title anime. Kadokawa published the manga in his Comicwalker magazine. The serialization of the manga began on June 29, 2018. Yen Press holds the rights to distribute the manga in English. Without further ado, let’s get down to the details!

Uncle from another world anime

Uncle From Another World Anime: Release Date Announcement

Netflix official sources have announced the release date of the anime Uncle From Another World. However, Netflix will verify the mass reaction to the anime through a public screening of the first episode of the anime. It will stream the anime on YouTube on June 25, 2022. The manga comes in the form of anime after a four-year slack period. Netflix is ​​promoting more anime content after the success of previous anime shows on the platform.

Additionally, the shows like Naruto and Haikyu have raised the bar for other anime shows on Netflix. Hence, the streaming platform is making provisions for the release of anime shows.

Uncle from another world anime

What is the anime about?

The story revolves around a girl named Takafumi. Her uncle fell into a coma about two decades ago. But suddenly one day he rises from the coma. However, the story is not as simple as it seems. She learns that his uncle was transported to another world while he was in a coma. He was there a superhero performing heroic tasks to save the world. Also, his habit of saving the world with his magical powers hasn’t spilled over into the real world.

But Takafumi faces another problem. Her uncle has developed an extreme fondness for new generation video games. His obsession with video games has grown into more than just an admiration for games. Takafumi must also update him with the technologies of a new age.

Uncle from another world anime

Uncle From Another World Anime: Release Date

The release date of the anime Uncle from Another World is July 6, 2022. The broadcast channel for the upcoming anime is AT-X. Netflix confirmed the release date through Wednesday’s announcement. That’s it for today! Until then, enjoy other articles from The Anime Daily Team!


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