The Road Of Recovery For COVID-19 Patients Can Get Worse

Adults who have known to be contacted by the coronavirus are known to have poor mental, physical, and emotional health as compared to patients who were sent to rehab for Cancer, as per the new studies. Even though the information of long-term effects of Covid-19 is still not purely out there but people have witnessed sufferage, weeks after they had the disease, and even those who had not shown up any symptoms initially, are suspected of having a post-covid condition. Published on Thursday by the CDC, a new study notifies us that covid-19 patients recovering might require extra clinical support, which also includes tailored physical and mental health services of rehabilitation. 

The Road Of Recovery For COVID-19 Patients Can Get Worse

For the new study, researchers looked into the data for patients referred during January 2020 and March 2021 to a network of rehabilitation clinics operating in 36 states and the District of Columbia. Patients in need of rehabilitation due to present or previous cancer diagnosis were reported to have a fair or rather poor physical health, which is about 44% of patients who were referred to a clinic due to post Covid-19 conditions, ideally the same as the cancer patients. 40.4% of patients who suffered post-covid-19 conditions witnessed pain which is 7 or greater, compared with 24.8% of the cancer sufferers. 

In the physical endurance, as measured by a 6-minute walking test, the post-covid-19 patients did much worse compared to cancer patients. The post-covid-19 patients were more likely to have difficulty working or socializing and used more rehab services instead.

Researchers said that the findings are consistent with the last research, which shows 92% of post-covid-19 patients experienced a diagnosis that was potentially tied to post-covid-19 conditions, which can be either fatigue or weakness. 

The study did have its limitations, and researchers also were seen lacking information regarding the date and severity of the Covid-19 infection, like, for example, the types of cancers and treatment-experienced by control group patients.

Much of the demographic data was also missing, and researchers were seen unable to evaluate the generality of other underlying conditions in various patients. The researchers also noticed that patients were referred for rehabilitation based on “nonstandardized clinical judgment,” which could have led to a tiff among the patient population by the group. 

Hence, to sum it up, the results mentioned in the new study should not be interpreted to clearly say that post-covid-19 patients, in general, had or will have poor physical and mental health compared to patients with cancer. Instead, the results indicate clearly that post-covid-19 patients referred to a huge physical rehabilitation network, specifically, had poorer health measures than those patients who were referred for cancer. Hence this indicated that patients recovering from the Covid-19 virus had considerable rehabilitation needs.

The researchers were notified that the data is still emerging about the Covid-19 conditions and that any information on rehabilitating patients suffering from such conditions is limited. The National Institutes of Health unveiled an initiative recently to study what is known as Long Covid earlier this year, and CDC is known to release a set of guidelines for people practicing treating post-covid-19 patients. This study says health systems should now completely be prepared to visualize and recognize the ongoing needs of this patient population. 

Great efforts are being made to increase Covid-19 vaccination drives, which could also include messages like “if we can prevent covid-19, we are also able to prevent the post-covid-19 conditions with potential efforts, as per long term health. There is no problem without a solution, and with this motto, one can achieve, and we as a nation can surely achieve. 

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