Rahul Kohli Talks Next Exit, Ghostbusters, And Star Wars

You are a very big Star Wars fan and there have been stories where you have championed playing Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels in live action. Any calls from LucasFilm or something?

I don’t think I campaigned. A few years ago, there was a leaked story that Disney or LucasFilm were looking for South Asian actors in their 30s to play Ezra. I tweeted it with [the looking eyes emoji]. Then, while I was filming Midnight Mass, I watched an episode of Rebels for fun. I was on my way to the gym and tweeted that I came in “Lothal orphan form” for fun. Then people thought I was coming out as Ezra. Then there was fan art, which was very flattering, and that was the scope of my “campaign”.

I have no interest in playing the character. It was just some fun carried away because The Mandalorian was out. People would probably assume I was performing that particular season, and that’s about it. I don’t promote roles. It’s flattering, but…

If you have been cast in a Star Wars film or TV series, is there a specific character or type of character that you would like to play?

The characters I would like to see on screen were those [Star Wars Expanded Universe] Characters that are now legacy characters. Dash Rendar and Kyle Katarn were two characters I really liked as a kid. I would love to see them brought back into the new Star Wars canon. If I’m not working on a Mike Flanagan show and Disney is okay with my social media presence and tweets, I’d love to play one of those two.

You tweeted the other day that you had never seen The Princess Bride. Have you checked it out yet?

No I haven’t. I’ll do it eventually because I’m about to work on a new show with Mandy Patinkin. At this point I probably should.

What’s the show you do with Mandy?

It’s called “Career Opportunities in Murder and Mayhem”. We did a pilot and he got the green light. It’s for Hulu and we’re starting production next month.

Next Exit premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Release plans have yet to be announced.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

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