There Exists A Race Between Vaccination And New Variants Of The Virus, Experts Say

There Exists A Race Between Vaccination And New Variants Of The Virus, Experts Say

The race between the vaccines and new variants of the virus may end up in a close call. Relaxing restrictions are not going to help; warn health officials.

Health officials across the country warn that what is happening today is a race between the vaccines and a new variant of the virus. It is spreading at a fast pace in the US. The country is on the brink of another surge. Easing restrictions at this juncture will worsen the situation, they warn.

There Exists A Race Between Vaccination And New Variants Of The Virus, Experts Say

The vaccination drive is getting faster. That is a good thing. But a more contagious virus is spreading at a faster pace in the country. That is definitely bad news.

Experts hope that the vaccines will win over the variant. But the attempts from certain States to ease restrictions will make matters worse. They will work in favor of the new variant, they observe.

There Exists A Race Between Vaccination And New Variants Of The Virus, Experts Say

Governors in at least 12 states have relaxed restrictions. They cite the improvement in the situation and the vaccination drive as the reasons for the same. However, the number of instances of the new variant reported in 15 States on Tuesday is up to 11% higher than what was reported during the week prior to it.  In two States, the number is 40% higher, reports say. The number of new cases continues its downward trend in the US. And it needs at least two weeks to get an insight into the overall trend. However, with new variants spreading in the country, we must notice the warning signs.

The US is now creating the ideal atmosphere for another surge, observe analysts. There are many variants of the virus that are of concern to health experts. The two variants detected at first in California are the most important among them. These are now the official variants of concern. According to CDC, the two variants are 20% more contagious than the original coronavirus. And some of the treatments available may not be effective against them. The agency did not say that vaccines will not work against them. But then, they have to brace themselves for any situation.

The B.1.1.7 variant of the virus, detected first in the UK, is now predicted to be dominant in America. It will happen within a few weeks.

As per CDC’s projections, B.1.1.7 will be the US’s dominant variant by March or April. Reports say that there are more than 4,690 instances of the new virus variant in the country. Unfortunately, this does not represent entire America. These are the only one’s health officials discovered by testing samples. The variant is now seen in 48 States, including Puerto Rico. According to a recent study, the variants may pose a higher risk of dying due to the infection. According to health officials, the weeks ahead are going to be more about the new variant discovered in California. The race is between the variant and the vaccine. And relaxing restrictions at present creates the ideal scenario for another storm.

These observations are going to impact the festivities on St. Patrick’s Day. They may look slightly different this time. Certain Irish pubs have announced that they will not remain open for the festivities.

One among the bars, in particular, announced the same on Facebook. It wants to open and see the faces of people. But the crows will not let them remain compliant with the law. It will cause inconvenience not only for its staff but also for the whole community. Officials in New Orleans have relaxed restrictions. They now allow businesses like retail stores and bars to operate in half their capacity. The scenario is slightly different in other States.

The country is striving to vaccinate every single person. And experts expect that the situation will improve.

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