Protest By Boeing Workers Against The Vaccine Mandate

About 200 Boeing employees stepped out to protest with signs saying “stop the mandate.”

The protest took place on Friday when Boeing announced the mandate of vaccination for its employees. It employs about 1,25,000 American citizens.

The company requires its workers to be vaccinated before December 8. The decision was made as to the American president Joe Biden issued the executive orders for federal contractors to mandate vaccination.

Protest By Boeing Workers Against The Vaccine Mandate

Biden has to mandate vaccination as, despite the vaccine doses being free of cost and easily available, citizens were reluctant to take their shots.

The virus continues to be a threat to lives, and vaccination is the only way out for now. Therefore, mandates were required to be in place for all. 

Protest By Boeing Workers Against The Vaccine Mandate

An avionics engineer said, ” it is my body, and it has to be my choice if I want to take the vaccine or not.” He added, ” The vaccine being given to the citizens is nothing but mere an experimental drug.”

Another assembly mechanic said, ‘ We live in America, and here we don’t do things because one person tells us to do so.’ 

A spokesperson for Boeing said that the company will always continue to maintain a safe environment for its employees. He further said that the safety and health of our employees is a necessity, even more, today with the deadly virus being around.

Boeing, American airlines, and AeroSystem confirm that they will abide by the deadline imposed upon the federal contractors for vaccinating their employees. 

Spirit Chief Executive Officer Tom Gentile said through a memo, “now as the president has released the executive order, it is our responsibility to comply with it.”

However, Boeing clarified that the mandate will not be imposed over its site in Texas with immediate effect. The Republican Governor for Texas, Governor Greg Abbott, issued an order on Monday. The executive order prevents the implementation of vaccine mandates by private employers on its employees.

Along with the vaccine mandates in the United States, there is a highly discussed question of boosters by different pharma giants. 

However, experts and several doctors believe that the US administration’s focus has shifted towards booster doses. They say that the primary concern, for now, must be the initial vaccination of the eligible citizens.

There are still several Counties in the United States that could not vaccinate even 50 percent of their population. Even as the vaccine is free, easily available, and announced to be safe by the regulators.

US Health officials have also opened doors for states to reserve Covid-19 vaccine doses for younger kids. The action is taken under the vaccination campaign for younger children. Pre-booking will start next week.

The pandemic has so far killed approximately 7,20,000 citizens alone in the United States.

The Covid-19 virus proves to be more dangerous towards older adults. With the high number of hospitalizations and deaths among older adults, they have been said to be the most vulnerable group.

Apart from them, some kids are also at high risk of severe illness. Reports from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest about 540 children in the United States have died due to the Covid-19 virus.

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