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The fans worldwide witnessed the Shadow House Season 2 promotional video live. The promotional video revealed a lot of information. The first is obviously the release date. The second detail of the video is the information about the theme songs of the television anime. The third and last thing revealed by the trailer was the promotional video itself. The duo of So-ma-to have definitely created a masterpiece that always carries an aura of suspense. The anime is slated for release later this year. But before proceeding, here is everything you need to know about the anime’s manga source.

The manga’s original name is the same as the anime title. It is the collaborative work of Japanese manga duo So-ma-to. Illustrators have Shueisha the right to distribute the manga. The weekly Shonen Magazine used to print the manga. It all started on September 6th, 2018. Read the article above for more details and information about the promotional video!

shadow house season 2

The Anime Shadow House Season 2 Twitter account went live to stream a promotional video. The PV began with the melody of the song Masquerade. The song is in the beautiful voice of ClariS. The second song heard at the end of the PV was “Shall We Dance?”. The song is blessed with the voice of ReoNa. Both songs look very promising. The PV was full of dark atmosphere and scenes.

All the living dolls look pretty full in the first half of the PV. But as the PV progresses, it shows more emotion from the living dolls. During a general meeting, the Russians play through the respected champions. All living dolls must manage them immediately to get everything.

shadow house season 2

Season 2 plot details!

The first season of Shadow House was mainly filled with the introduction of the living puppets and their dark masters. These masters are dark beings who constantly spew soot. They have live dolls to express their thoughts and feelings. Such a master Kate has her living doll Emilico. So Emilico uncovered some secrets of the house in the first season. But are the mysteries over?

No! As mentioned in the PV, there are a few more mysteries to unravel. The PV indicates that there will be a clash between the living dolls and their masters in the second season. Emilico’s attitude looks rebellious in this video. However, the noble masters seem quite suspicious at first glance.

shadow house season 2

Shadow House season 2 release date

The PV mentioned that Shadow House season 2 would be released to audiences on July 8, 2022. In addition, the anime will also premiere on streaming platforms in English. A number of TV stations will air upcoming anime such as Tokyo MX, BS11, Asahi TV and so on. That’s it for today! Keep supporting The Anime Daily as it drives us to bring fresh news to our readers!!


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