Progress In The Vaccination Drive

Progress In The Vaccination Drive

When the cases of the Covid-19 disease are rising all around the world, the vaccination drive gives us all the hope that we need. There are multiple vaccine manufacturers who have produced reliable vaccines and the results will be showing. The mission for achieving herd immunity could become a reality if the vaccination drive continues at the same pace. It has been reported that at least half of the American adult population has taken at least the first shot of the vaccine. This news comes as a relief to the other citizens of the United States.

Progress In The Vaccination Drive

This also proves the credibility of the vaccine and ensures that people put their faith in the ongoing vaccination drive. It is important that people trust this vaccine because then only they will come forward to get administered with the vaccine. The plan for achieving herd immunity will only be successful when more and more people will be taking the vaccine. The official announcement has been made on Sunday by the government of the United States of America.

This is the largest vaccination campaign for the nation and it has been all about achieving new milestones every single day.

Progress In The Vaccination Drive

This vaccination drive is real and is becoming effective with every passing day. This new milestone will encourage other Americans who are a bit skeptical about the vaccination drive to come forward and support this effort by the different vaccine manufacturers and the government of the United States of America. Also, this effort is for the collective good of the community and we as citizens of this nation should support it. There have been many efforts by renowned individuals to support the vaccination campaign.

During the initial days of the vaccination campaign, the former US Presidents and First ladies had collaborated to be a part of an ad film. The Advertisement was about encouraging fellow Americans to join hands in solidarity and march towards fighting this deadly virus collectively.

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic is the worst health care emergency faced by the human race. But, if we stop fighting, we let the virus win. And that would take away the normalcy of our lives. For this to not happen any time soon, the only option we are left with is the vaccine. There have been multiple questions raised on the credibility of the vaccine but the experts have quashed all those speculations. Although, multiple variants are circulating in the community the effectiveness of the vaccine is somewhat the same. Yes, it would have been much more difficult to handle the virus and the pandemic if it were not for the vaccine. The vaccines are the saviors but none of them is 100% effective.

The United States of America is trailing behind Israel in the administration of doses per 100 persons. Currently, 61.6 doses are being administered per 100 persons in the United States of America. The officials have guaranteed that these numbers will improve manifold once more and more people turn to the vaccination drive.

The government has also assured transparency throughout the vaccination process because it is for the benefit of the people. Everybody wants that this pandemic should end as soon as possible and we have a limited solution to that.

The officials have also said that taking precautionary measures should be the foremost priority for the people. Masks, sanitization, personal hygiene, and social distancing are still very important and should be followed strictly.

We hope that people who are in any kind of doubt visit the available help. You can visit the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website and find answers to your queries.


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