Preston And Chantelle Where Are They Now? Where Are Preston And Chantelle Now?

Who is Chantelle?

Preston is a member of the band The Ordinary Boys and an English singer. On January 16, 1982, he was given the name Samuel Dylan Murray Preston. He also competed in Celebrity Big Brother in 2006 and placed fourth. After the Ordinary Boys split in 2008, he resumed his songwriting career. In 2013 he reformed the Ordinary Boys and in 2015 they released a self-titled return album.

Who is Preston?

Preston is an English singer who is a member of the band The Ordinary Boys. He was born Samuel Dylan Murray Preston on January 16, 1982. In 2006 he also took part in the reality show Celebrity Big Brother where he placed fourth. He began a songwriting career after the Ordinary Boys split in 2008. In 2013 he resurrected the Ordinary Boys and their self-titled comeback album was released in 2015.

Preston and Chantelle, where are you now?

Despite their 15-year divorce, Chantelle Houghton has claimed that she and ex-husband Samuel Preston still have “chemistry” and that she would “always” love him. Chantelle became a regular face on television after winning CBB in 2006 and was able to continue her reality show career for a while. Her Paris Hilton-esque looks appealed to CBB viewers, to the point that she even considered a career as a glamor model. Following public interest in her tabloid-worthy love life, she wrote an autobiography.

In 2010, the CBB legend returned to Big Brother, but this time to Ultimate Big Brother, where she finished runner-up. Chantelle is now a busy mother of one but continues to appear on chat shows like This Morning and maintains her reputation as a popular television personality.


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Chantelle about Preston

And Chantelle said ‘yes’ to Michael Strutt, with whom she now lives in Wickford, Essex, just three months into their relationship. Despite the fact that Chantelle and Preston split ten months after their lavish £300,000 wedding, Chantelle, now 37, says she still loves him and that he will be a guest at her wedding in 2022. “Preston is a unique individual,” she continues. What we shared back then was real, and I still adore him. “I consider myself very fortunate to have experienced what I did with him. Our bond was real, but we were both so young. “It’s been so long and looking back I can’t believe how brave I was to do Celebrity Big Brother and then get married.” “It was definitely amazing back then, but now that I’m older I understand what true love is.”

“Right now I’m in the happiest place on earth. I met Michael and he is exactly what I’m looking for.” Chantelle and the 35-year-old real estate entrepreneur began dating in January and he proposed on April 30. Chantelle, who has been single since 2014, wrote of the engagement ring on Instagram: “Okay I realize it’s lockdown and isolation but he just asked me to marry him: I said YES.” I will love him for the rest of my life.”


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How did Chantelle Houghton end up on Celebrity Big Brother?

The Essex native wanted to be a housemate on Big Brother 6 and was chosen as a stand-by contestant, but she never set foot in the house. Instead, producers singled Chantelle for an elaborate assignment on CBB, starring as a fake celebrity with the cover story that she was the lead single by the (fictional) pop group Kandy Floss. On one particularly legendary occasion, she even sang Kandy Floss’ trademark (and again fictional) I Want It All. Chantelle eventually found fame in the house, winning this season of CBB by beating celebrities like Michael Barrymore, George Galloway and Dennis Rodman.

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