President Biden Warns Americans To Still Stay Alert

As highlighted by the administration’s progress in the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, on Thursday, President Joe Biden requested his fellow Americans not to let their guard down even though there have been a diminishing number of infections and hospitalizations in recent weeks.

President Biden Warns Americans To Still Stay Alert

In the first three days from his office, he has shared a slight glimpse of the country’s immediate future. While addressing the nation, Biden said, “This is not a time to relax,” and warned about the possible impact of virus variants. Biden intended to call this for action and to set a sense of expectation amongst Americans, so he added, “We must keep washing our hands, stay socially distanced, and for God’s sake – for God’s sake – wear a mask.”

President Biden Warns Americans To Still Stay Alert

Obama’s administration official, Chris Lu, said the grim tone aims to restore the trust within the government that had worn off during Trump’s administration tenure. Chris Lu added, “If you’re trying to get people to believe in this whole system of vaccinations, and if you want people to take mask mandates seriously, your leaders have to level with the American people”.

Since January, Biden commented as part of a ceremony to mark 50 million vaccine doses being administered under his command. Previously, President Biden had promised 100 million shots in his first 100 days. This goal was criticized for not being ambitious enough, yet half of the goal was reached by his 37th day.

President shared that the distribution of the vaccine had risen by 70% since his inauguration. The supply of the vaccine is for 4.5 million doses a week which was only 8.6 million doses a week when President Donald Trump left. This was received by nearly 60% of people over 75 who have received at least one shot. 

Biden also shared that 75% of residents of long-term facilities were more vulnerable to pollutants accounting for 30% of the 507,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S., which now have gotten at least one vaccine dose. The drawback of this is a drastic reduction in their fatality rate over the last two months.

Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine is expected to boost the vaccination program in the coming days. On Friday, an advisory committee of the FDA will decide whether to recommend authorization. While president Biden assured the public there would be no interference from outside in this regard.

President Biden even said that things are expected to worsen even before they get better, and it would take eight months before most Americans get vaccinated. Biden added further and said that there is nothing they can do to change the course of the pandemic for the next several months. It’s part of Biden’s vision to keep his administration transparent and honest with the nation during good days or bad.

One of the former Obama administration officials spoke freely about internal conversations, said while they were serving with former president Obama the first few months were played down by them to the focus on evaluating the president’s success within his early 100 days because aides knew the financial recovery might take far longer than that. Similarly, the risk in setting expectations is that an administration might become defined by its failure to meet them.

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, former Health and Human Services, who was handling the virus during President Trump’s term, said that public perception was damaged about the severity that it is for President Bident to set a contrasting tone. She added, “I think it is really important to start telling the American people the truth. And that has not happened in a year, since we found the first case of coronavirus, so he’s got a lot of damage to undo,”  

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