Pixar’s Lightyear Has More Post-Credits Scenes Than You Think

First there is a mid-credits scene that begins with Commander Burnside (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) in his office. Through the window we see the laser shield he set up over the city earlier in the movie. One of the planet’s native bugs flies by and is hit by the shield, causing Burnside to laugh to himself and comment on the effectiveness of his idea of ​​surrounding the city with the protective device.

It’s a fun throwback to a concept introduced earlier in the film, and more Isiah Whitlock Jr. is always a good thing. But that’s not the end of the good times. There is also a post-credits scene that comes up later.

This joke is another callback, but this time to the robot that was originally part of Izzy’s (Keke Palmer) crew. At the beginning of the film, we see this robot trying to give directions to Buzz and the other humans on how best to help on their journey. However, this robot keeps getting distracted and offers alternative routes along the way. As we see in the post-credits scene, this robot stayed in place throughout the adventure and only just finished what it was trying to say. Since everyone is long gone, of course, so the robot is all to itself. Normally, a post-credits scene would be the end of the line, but be sure to hang around a bit longer until the next, more significant sequence arrives.

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