Pharmacy Stores Around The USA Are In A Hurry To Administer Vaccines

The FDA has recommended using Pfizer’s covid 19 vaccines to be an emergency vaccine for 5-11 years old children. This has prompted Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid (big pharmacy stores) to be given the role of administering the vaccine. The vaccine administration should begin by this weekend.

Soon after the FDA approved emergency usage, Pfizer began shipping pills to thousands of pediatricians. Every week, Pfizer will distribute 19,000 deliveries of vaccines containing about 11 million doses. 

Pharmacy Stores Around The USA Are In A Hurry To Administer Vaccines

According to a statement released by Walgreens on Wednesday, they will begin delivering Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccination to children aged 5 to 11 on Saturday, November 6th.

They also said that appointments would begin that Saturday via their website ( or through their Walgreens app.

Pharmacy Stores Around The USA Are In A Hurry To Administer Vaccines

Rite Aid is also asking Parents or guardians to book the appointment through their websites or apps. Vaccines will be sent to Rite Aid locations on November 6th, and children will be vaccinated as soon as they are available. On November 4th, parents will be able to reserve appointments for their children.

Children under 15 years must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian, who will have to remain in the drugstore for 15 minutes after the injection has been administered as a safety precaution. They will also be required to produce the birth certificates of their children to clarify their eligibility. 

Schools may also begin to host immunization clinics on their premises for children who meet the requirement. Similarly, to the adult-sized vaccination, children in this age range will require two doses, spaced around three weeks apart. To meet the increasing demand, several pharmacies have provided additional appointments outside of school hours.

Troyen Brennan, a medical officer at CVS health care, said that CVS’s vaccine specialists are well prepared for the task and are ready to take the children through the process. They will also ensure the vaccine is safe and answer the critical questions with kindness and care.

CVS Health said it planned to incorporate child-friendly programs that will motivate and reward children over the period. They will also use the entertainment element to keep the children occupied during the post-vaccination period of 15 minutes.

CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid have selected various locations that will be administering the vaccines. These locations will be operating throughout the day to ensure consistency and convenience. 

A high Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) score will determine where the locations will be. As a result, they will focus on places where COVID has had a disproportionate impact on the population. CVS has 1700 stores around the country, and out of 1,700, 126 are based in New York.

Dr. Kawsar Talaat said that the vaccine would give children something better than being locked at home and not seeing their friends. It will protect the community as well. It has been said that children are strongly immune against COVID-19, and children between 5-11 years have been affected. Most parents are excited about the vaccine and are willing to take their children for vaccination.ṣ

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