Pharmacies Request More Vaccine Supplies

The vaccination efforts are restored for more than a week in the country as of today. Though the demand for shots is rising higher and higher, the total numbers being supplied are not at all meeting with it. 

The COVID-19 vaccination program is presently conducted through clinics and other public grounds. Most of the clinic officials said that even though they are well equipped to carry and administer more than the required doses, they are delivered with far fewer supplies of the vaccine. 

Pharmacies Request More Vaccine Supplies

Mitch Rothholz, the chief of governance and state affiliates at the American Pharmacist Association said that the pharmacies have a greater capacity to receive and administer more vaccine doses than the supplies they are given.

He added that they are not hearing any issues and they will be able to get the doses in people’s arms once they receive their delivery of doses. He further said that they have not optimized it according to the capacity of pharmacies. 

This resulted as the initial vaccination program began with 1 million doses of the vaccine allocated to 6,500 pharmacies. 

Pharmacies Request More Vaccine Supplies

It was on the 8th of February, the program was started with limited supplies to 21 national pharmacy partners and independent pharmacy networks. These pharmacies would be significant to administrate the vaccination efforts alongside public health departments, clinics, mobile units, and other vaccination sites. 

On these pharmacies, Rothholz said that all of them together can successfully vaccinate individuals according to the plans of the country. All of the approaches in the program including this will work together to increase the access to site and practitioners, where the public can comfortably get vaccinated, and it is the goal behind this effort as well. 

Keeli Teno, a spokesman from Walgreens said that they could administer 3 million vaccines as of Monday and they allotted 180,000 doses per week through the federal program. 

Teno said that the demand for inventories gets higher as the company rolls out the doses to broader populations.

The need of the country to vaccinate, maximum numbers of people is acceptable, but currently, patience is required as the inventory continues to build in the coming days will let the country t0o vaccinate more communities. 

Andrew Whelan, the spokesman of Albertsons Companies Inc. said that they can administer 150,000 doses per day and can take roughly 90% more supply within their network. The company also uses less than 10% of its capacity according to records.

A similar remark also came from Hy-Vee. The company spokesperson said that it would be beneficial to have more doses to administer to the public.

She added that it is the biggest challenge to have a limited number of doses. They would love to vaccinate every single person who inquires, but the supply is limited.   

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