Pfizer’s Booster Shot Has Not Been Recommended By The FDA Panel

There is a loud and heavy debate going on regarding booster shots for the Citizen of America.  On the other hand WHO also claimed that Powerful nations must donate vaccines to poor countries. 

On Thursday, President Biden also announced to donate 500 Million vaccines to other nations. 

There is a claim against the FDA which does not recommend booster shots for adults. 

For All Americans, Pfizer’s Booster Shot Has Not Been Recommended By The FDA Panel, But Why?

We all know that the vaccination for covid-19 is very important to us. But right booster shot recognition is so important for it. Otherwise, it will be dangerous for human health, FDA officials quoted. There should be approval for the right molecules and booster shots of Vaccines and Pfizer are not the one. 

Pfizer's Booster Shot Has Not Been Recommended By The FDA Panel, But Why?

FDA has argued that everyone is dying from Pfizer’s third booster shot in the USA. For that reason, the food and drug administration did not consider providing Pfizer’s shot for the adults.

A key advisory committee within the Food and Drug Administration said on 17 September that to approve Pfizer-bioNtech as a booster shot vaccine there is a lack of evidence and we can’t afford to let people die because of such decisions. 

So critics say that this vaccine is not safe at all. And this data is reached to everyone through social media.

The Published Data says that “The officials from FDA didn’t let The White House approve Pfizer as a booster shot because they already know the condition of hospitals in different States and many people died because of Pfizer’s 1st and 2nd dose with blood clotting and brain aneurysms. 

Indeed, there is not any sufficient evidence of Pfizer’s booster shot so the administration committee denies approval of the booster shot for vaccination of Americans. But the shots of Pfizer booster have been commended for the people of the age of 65 and also for above 65 older people by CDC

Not only that but also it is also recommended to them whoever is suffering from the severe infections of covid-19. It is proven that Pfizer booster shots can reduce the severe condition of illness and infections due to covid-19. There is plenty of evidence that shows that the Pfizer booster shot is safe for human beings and also it can prevent serious illness. 

There is a false claim against the food and drug administration that they ignore giving extra money as criminal charges.

Here is a comment below by a Facebook user who has commented against herself on social media, USA Today found this post on Facebook and published it itself.

The third shot recommended for older, high-risk Americans

A separate team from The FDA’s vaccine and Related Biological Product Advisory Committee was given a task to determine whether a Covid 19 booster shot is eligible for everyone above 16 years of age. As per FDA, there is no such evidence available for the third jab for the citizens. 

“We may need it, but we don’t have the data yet,” Dr. Ofer Levy, director of the precision vaccines program at Boston Children’s Hospital, previously told USA Today.

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