Pfizer Vaccine Found To Be Highly Effective After Extensive Rollout

The latest 2-shot Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer is found to be displaying good results to recipients in the countries of Israel and the UK. This comes closely after the successful findings in clinical trials, according to The New England Journal of Medicine. The study comprised over a million people above the age of 16. The results indicated a 95 percent efficacy rate for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Pfizer Vaccine Found To Be Highly Effective After Extensive Rollout

This real-world test using Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in more than a million people has confirmed that this vaccine is highly effective at preventing death and serious illness, after receiving the first shot.

Pfizer Vaccine Found To Be Highly Effective After Extensive Rollout

The much-anticipated results of the clinical trains conducted by Pfizer, a prominent pharmaceutical company were published on Wednesday. The clinical trials were conducted through a mass vaccination program in Israel. The health authorities in Israel have given strong reassurance that the vaccine has given tremendous and promising results in a general population, across various age groups, and with different health conditions.

A major challenge in all the previous studies of vaccine effectiveness is to ensure that that the vaccine outcome is identical across various infection predictors. The extensive database used by the research team that developed this vaccine helped to address different challenges such as individual health predictors and pre-existing conditions.

This clinical study included some 23,000 vaccine recipients’ over the age of 80 and found that there was no drop in vaccine effectiveness among elderly people. The effectiveness percentage was found to be 74 % after the first shot and 88% after receiving the second dose, in preventing hospitalization. Reducing the infection rate raises hope that this Pfizer vaccine may well halt the spread of the virus.

Health experts point out that the right thing to do is protect the maximum number of people by giving the first shot of the vaccine, a policy decision that many counties are integrating into their coordinated strategy to vaccinate people.

Harvard researchers opined that this research jointly conducted by Pfizer and BioNTech is an ideal example of how randomized trials and health care repositories can complement each other. 

Countries like Israel and United Kingdom have already vaccinated half of their total population. New variants of the Covid virus are being identified, the UK strain being found as the most dominant strain. The Pfizer vaccine has shown that it is quite effective in giving protection to the new virus strains. 

This Pfizer vaccine is a 2-shot virus that is different from the one developed by AstraZeneca Countries like the UK are delaying the second shot of vaccine to recipients to provide an extra level of protection.

More than 218 million shorts of vaccines were made available to people across the globe, through a significant portion of this number comes from developed countries. There have been calls from emerging economies to vaccine developers to make the vaccine more accessible. WHO experts who during the early phases of the pandemic, last year, famously stated that “No one is safe(from COVID) until everyone is safe”, are presently voicing concerns regarding the inequitable distribution of vaccines among the world’s third world population which raises moral and ethical concerns

There is a palpable sense of relief among the scientific community and global policy peers in the successful outcomes of these mass inoculations, as the world grapples with the pandemic, which till now has killed nearly 3 million people worldwide, infected more than 100 million people, and severely crippled the global and local economies. 

The director general of WHO has welcomed this significant vaccine development, further emphasizing their equitable distribution. The WHO has outlaid plans to provide at least 2 billion doses to third-world countries by the end of the year. Recently Ghana, an impoverished country in Africa received 600,000 doses in a live broadcast ceremony from Oxford-AstraZeneca

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