Pfizer Approved, Pentagon Mandates The Use Of The COVID Vaccine

Pentagon representative John Kirby said Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin kept his promise before this month to demand jabs after the Food and Drug Administration accepted the vaccine. He said the guide is under development, and the schedule will be available in the following days. Austin’s move contemplates similar moves by governments and businesses, with countries working on a highly infectious delta variant that has raised U.S. occurrences to the highest level since last winter.

And the number of hospitalizations and military deaths is rising. Over the last month, military deaths rose from 25 to 34, more than one-third rise. Austin mentioned in an announcement that he is seeking the president’s acceptance to implement the use of the vaccine by September. 

Pfizer Approved, Pentagon Mandates The Use Of The COVID Vaccine

The Pentagon says the military has ample doses to meet the demands. Shots are for active soldiers and National Guard. There are more than 1.3 million active-duty individuals and nearly 800,000 guards and reserves. 

Kirby said the measures taken on Monday to impose the vaccine were an effort to keep the military safe. In a notice to police this month, General Mark Milley said medical experts are recommending vaccines. It is imperative to obtain vaccines, to maintain an army ready to protect the country. At the end of the post, Millie wrote down a handwritten note. 

Pfizer Approved, Pentagon Mandates The Use Of The COVID Vaccine

“Immunization against the virus is a crucial matter in the security of troops.” Members of the defenses need to have around 17 vaccine shots, based on their location. The requirements, including smallpox, hepatitis, and common flu attacks, also deliver temporary and permanent immunization for administrative or medical reasons. 

Permanent exemptions include severe medical response to the vaccine, immunodeficiency such as HIV infection, “proof of existing immunity” by serum antibody testing or “documentation of infection,” infection, existing or suspected natural infection. 

There are also administrative exemptions, including for religious purposes. Religious exemptions are allowed by military service based on their programs, which appears to be comparatively rare. 

The decision is by the commander in consultation with the medical staff and the parish priest. The Navy and Marine Corps mentioned they do not demand religious exemptions from other immunizations in the years. The Air Force declared it did not have specific details on religious exemptions but said it granted a total of 336 administrative exemptions, including religions. 

Most of these exemptions are for non-religious military personnel within 180 days of retirement or separated from military service. The military did not provide an answer to questions about religious needs. 

Soldiers can receive a temporary exemption for up to one year during pregnancy if they are seriously ill or lack vaccines. Regulations also stipulate that if health conditions change or if it is assumed that the risk of disease outweighs the risk of vaccine exposure.

 An AP-NORC vote revealed that 55% of the citizens encourage the members of the armed forces to be completely immunized against CORONA, compared with 20% who opposed. Kirby said the Pentagon’s decision would only affect Pfizer. Moderna also sought FDA acceptance for the entire vaccine. JandJ hopes to do so by the end of the year.

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