Pfizer And Moderna Vaccines Safe For Pregnant Women, CDC Study Finds

Pfizer And Moderna Vaccines Safe For Pregnant Women, CDC Study Finds

A report on Covid-19 vaccination in pregnancy has evidently proved that it is safe to use for women who are expecting, though more research would be needed in the field. 

Pfizer And Moderna Vaccines Safe For Pregnant Women, CDC Study Finds

The results were based on data from a trial of over 35,000 US women who had received either Moderna or Pfizer vaccines during pregnancy. 

Pfizer And Moderna Vaccines Safe For Pregnant Women, CDC Study Finds

The rate of miscarriage, premature births and complications were also comparable to published reports on pregnant women before the pandemic. 

This evidence was published by researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine. 

The candidates received Moderna and Pfizer vaccines as Johnson & Johnson’s one shot dose was yet to be available by the time this study was conducted. Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine is now temporarily on hold as US authorities are investigating blood clot cases related to the doses.

Elsewhere, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine endorsed vaccination during pregnancy, based on their own evidence that they have been evaluating for over a year. 

The society said that the vaccines are safe for everyone, including pregnant women and those seeking to get pregnant, adding that the vaccines are safe and effective.

Some members of the society also said that the group has not yet evaluated the evidence on Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Maternal health experts are celebrating the findings. An American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists representative said that the report from CDC is encouraging, though it needs a long-term follow-up. 

The group had previously said that Covid-19 vaccinations should be available to pregnant & breastfeeding women. Data shows that many pregnant women in the US have got vaccinations. 

Though pregnant women were not included in the trials that led to the emergency authorization for the vaccines, evidence showed that no harm came to women who were unknowingly pregnant during the study. 

Coronavirus infection among pregnant women induces an elevated risk of complications, including intensive-care hospitalization, premature births and death. 

Lead author of the study, Dr. Tom Shimabukuro said that constant monitoring and more evidence is needed, including the effect on women who get vaccinated during the early stages of pregnancy. 

Dr. Laura Riley, ob-gyn chair at New York’s Weill Cornell Medicine asserted the results as reassuring. 

She added that it was “great” to share data on the effect of Covid-19 vaccine during pregnancy with a safe outcome. 

The study authors, led by the CDC’s Dr. Tom Shimabukuro, said continued monitoring and more evidence is needed including on women who get COVID-19 vaccinations in the early stages of pregnancy.

The study overall included 35,691 pregnant US women who participated voluntarily for a smartphone-based vaccination surveillance system and had received the Moderna of Pfizer vaccines during mid-December 2020 and late February 2021.

It also contained pregnancy complication reports from over 4,000 women participants who had enrolled in a US vaccine sagmfety registry. Out of these, 86% or 712 resulted in a live birth which occured mostly amojg women who were vaccinated during the trisemester. 

Some women amongst the surveillance group did report injection site pain, however, other serious reactions were uncommon. Pregnant women were found to experience more needle site pain but less likely towards other reactions than non-pregnant women. 

13% of pregnant women in the vaccine registry eeported miscarriage, 9% reported premature births with 2% birth defects and less than 1% stillbirths. All of these rates are in the same range as observed in pre-pandemic reports on pregnant women. 

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