Pfizer-BioNTech To Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Production Worth EU 200 Million

The supply of vaccines has been delayed because of the weather and other government issues. The surge has been critical in some counties and there are no possible ways to get the vaccine doses shipped to these localities because of the heavy snow and the snowstorm. 

Pfizer-BioNTech To Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Production Worth EU 200 Million

There had been a delay in the supply of vaccination doses to countries in Europe. Pfizer and BIoNTech have finally made it public that they have agreed to supply the European Union with 200 million more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. This will be a great turning point and people could reduce the widespread of the virus which will help in declining hospital cases.

Pfizer-BioNTech To Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Production Worth EU 200 Million

These companies stated that these doses come on top of the doses that were earlier ordered. The executive committee of the EU can also request an additional 100 million doses. Pfizer and BIoNTech expect to deliver 20 million doses of the vaccine this year were the 75 million doses will be released in the second quarter.

There were only 3 vaccines approved so far that were to be used in Europe.  Pfizer and BIoNTech’s vaccine was the first one to get approval in Europe where they had to strive through hurdles of criticism for starting the vaccination campaign slowly when compared to Israel, the United States, and Britain. The 2nd and 3rd vaccines approved were from Moderna and AstraZeneca.

The planned deliveries were all delayed from each of these manufacturers and the European government has been edged with dissatisfaction. Although Pfizer lowered their vaccine production for a short period, they have upgraded their production by improving their facility in Belgium.

 Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO spoke on Wednesday that they are working relentlessly by expanding their manufacturing capacity, to support the further vaccination campaigns in Europe and worldwide by expanding manufacturing capacity.

BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin claimed that their company will begin vaccine production this month at their new plant facility in Marburg, Germany. They have strengthened their manufacturing network with other partners to speed up the process and help the world.

The EU had criticized AstraZeneca for not getting the anticipated number of vaccine doses. AstraZeneca CEO said there was a lag on new factories, and they had to sort out the Vaccine production problems. He also addressed that they have been evaluating alongside governments and authorities about a higher requirement of vaccine doses in the future.

European Medicines Agency claimed that Johnson & Johnson had submitted a requisition on Tuesday for approving their coronavirus vaccine. EU medicine regulations department said that they would be letting their opinion about it by a quarter of March. The Johnson and Johnson Vaccine will be provided to patients through a single shot and the other 3 vaccines require 2 shots within a gap of a few weeks.

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