Person Travelling With Joe Biden Tests Positive For The Covid Virus

The rise of Delta version Covid in the USA is not a new story now. President Joe Biden visited Europe the past week for the UN Climate Summit.

According to the administration on Thursday, the person he was traveling with President Biden was found to have a positive test result for the Covid-19 virus. But they also stated that the individual did not get into close contact with the president. Even if the contact was not very close, the chances of getting symptoms are high. 

Person Travelling With Joe Biden Tests Positive For The Covid Virus

It has been found that the said person is wholly vaccinated, but he is found to be asymptomatic and it creates some doubt amongst the medical experts.

Person Travelling With Joe Biden Tests Positive For The Covid Virus

The person has been quarantined in Scotland, where he is undergoing a series of additional tests after he was tested positive on a lateral flow rapid test that has been issued by the UK government. It should be noted that UK Government follows a strict policy for travelers who are entering their country.

It is required for everyone to attend the U.N. climate summit that is being conducted in Scotland. According to the White House, they stated that Joe Biden has tested negative for the Covid-19 virus on Tuesday.

There are rare chances for a breakthrough infection, but they have started occurring more often since the Delta variant, the most infectious strain of the Covid-19 virus at present, has become the most dominant strain in the world. 

Although, the Covid-19 vaccines issued by the United States of America have helped dramatically reduce the rates of hospitalizations and deaths. The same has massively helped in providing some relief to the people.

According to the guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the White House announced that it was best for everyone if a few staff members who got to be in close contact with the positive tested individual did not return home to the United States on Air Force One. 

Instead, it flew back on a different government-issued plane. The travelers who came in contact with Joe Biden, who was on a five days trip to Rome and Scotland, were tested on each day with both a mix of numerous rapid tests and accurate PCR tests.

The officials do not believe the situation to be connected to the White House press secretary Jen Psaki being diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus. She stayed home from her foreign trip after one of her members was tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. 

On Sunday, she started her diagnosis publicly, saying that she experienced “mild symptoms” and she was waiting for the infection to pass while simultaneously working from home. 

As per some reports and medical experts, it should be a matter of concern for the vaccination manufacturing companies to test the effectiveness of their vaccines.  Many people around The USA have been found asymptomatic but the level of cases is low. But now the medical security of the President of The States is at stake. 

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