Parents Are Relieved That Their Children Starting To Get Covid Vaccination

(CNN) Parson Harrington, 9, had to be isolated more than most during the epidemic, and she thinks the Covid-19 vaccination she got in Houston on Wednesday would bring her peace and freedom.

Parson was one of the thousands of youngsters aged 5-11 who waited in line throughout the nation on the first full day after the CDC approved their eligibility Tuesday.

Parents Are Relieved That Their Children Starting To Get Covid Vaccination

Inoculation at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston was scheduled on Wednesday morning. Because Parson had a lung transplant as a newborn, she was recommended to avoid in-person classes and the public in general. A first step to potentially getting back to life, Jennifer Harrington, her mother, told CNN. 

The FDA approved Pfizer’s vaccine for this age range last week, giving the firm the first emergency use permit for a Covid-19 injection for young children in the US. 

Parents Are Relieved That Their Children Starting To Get Covid Vaccination

The FDA and CDC actions made 28 million kids eligible. The first several days will be restricted due to venues not utilizing their current immunizations for ages 12 and above. For children 5-11, immunizations are reformulated at one-third the dosage for those. They’re also packed with an orange cap to distinguish them from the adult vaccination.

Next week, the country’s immunization program for children aged 5-11 will be “operating at full power, and the number of clinics administering the doses will expand throughout the month. On Wednesday, numerous places still took appointments. 

The Texas Children’s Hospital system has also reported high demand. Jermaine Monroe, the co-chair of a Covid-19 task committee for the system, said 37,000 Covid-19 immunization appointments for youngsters aged 5-11 had been scheduled by Wednesday.

President Joe Biden termed the new eligibility rules a game-changer in the pandemic fight. It will relieve parents of months of worrying about their children and decrease the spread of the illness. It is a huge step forward in our battle against the virus. 1.3 million doses for children 5-11 are expected to arrive in Texas next week, with over 400,000 arriving by Wednesday.

Walgreens says it will start providing the vaccinations by appointment for children 5-11 on Saturday in certain shops nationwide — and parents may start making such appointments Wednesday. Children aged 5-11 who get the Pfizer vaccination should receive a second dose at least 21 days later.

Expanding vaccination eligibility for youngsters is a positive step in the epidemic. According to Johns Hopkins University, the US has already passed 750,000 Covid-19 fatalities.

Dr. Christina Zhang, the clinic’s co-founder, gave her 8- and 9-year-old kids the vaccination Wednesday morning. They recognize the value of this vaccination and want their lives back,” Zhang added. Parson, a 9-year-old lung transplant patient from Houston, cried when discussing the immunization.

On Wednesday, Sophia Silvaamaya, 5, gets vaccinated by nurse Kelly Vanderwende at Children’s National Hospital in Washington. Children who had received Covid-19 should get both doses, according to CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

Walensky told a White House Covid-19 briefing that the injections are safe for them. The CDC reports Covid-19 has killed 745 kids and teens under 18. The risk of severe Covid, hospitalization or long-term complications like MIS-C remains minimal. Despite this, the danger to our children is significantly greater than for many other illnesses for which they are vaccinated.

According to an American Academy of Pediatrics research released Monday, children now account for a quarter of all new Covid-19 cases. In the US, more than one company may sell Covid-19 vaccinations to kids.

Moderna’s vaccine is presently approved for adults. In June, the business sought emergency use authorization for its vaccine for individuals aged 12-17, but the FDA has not yet approved it.

Moderna stated last month that a lower dosage of its medicine was well tolerated and created a significant immunological response in youngsters aged 6-11. Moderna said it would soon submit the data to the FDA, EMA, and other worldwide agencies.

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