Efforts To Eradicate Use Of Parasite Drugs For COVID-19 Are Intensifying

Health professionals and medical organizations are urging the FDA to prohibit the widespread use of a parasitic medication that has been around for decades to treat COVID-19, claiming that it may cause severe side effects, and there is little proof that it is effective.

More and more Americans are resorting to ivermectin, a low-cost medication used to treat worms and other parasites in people and animals, as the fourth wave of illnesses hits the US.

Efforts To Eradicate Use Of Parasite Drugs For COVID-19 Are Intensifying

This summer, federal health authorities have seen an increase in prescriptions, which has coincided with an alarming rise in the number of recorded overdoses. Despite government cautions against its usage, the medication was even administered to prisoners at a facility in northwest Arkansas for COVID-19.

On Wednesday, podcaster Joe Rogan, who has previously expressed skepticism about the COVID-19 vaccination, said that he had tested positive for COVID and was now receiving medicine to treat it.

Efforts To Eradicate Use Of Parasite Drugs For COVID-19 Are Intensifying

The antibiotic ivermectin has been pushed by Republican politicians, conservative talk show hosts, and some physicians. Its message has been reinforced via social media to millions of Americans who are still opposed to being immunized. Other nations, such as India and Brazil, have also made extensive use of this technology.

Doctors and pharmacists from the country’s most prestigious professional organizations called for an “immediate halt” to the drug’s usage outside of research this week. Large-scale trials are now being conducted in the United States and elsewhere to establish if the medication has any impact on preventing or blunting COVID-19.

The new appeal comes on the heels of similar concerns from federal and state authorities who are keeping track of adverse effects and hospitalizations associated with the medication.

Following an increase in calls to poison control centers, the states of Louisiana, as well as Washington, issued warnings. Some animal feed supply shops have run out of the medication as a result of individuals purchasing it in the veterinary form in an attempt to cure COVID-19, which is a virus.

Ivermectin is a medication authorized by the FDA for the treatment of roundworm infections and other small parasite diseases in people and animals such as cows, horses, and dogs. For internal parasites, tablets are utilized, while topical ointments are being used to treat head lice as well as other types of skin diseases. Paralyzing the worms as well as killing their progeny are the primary mechanisms by which the generic medication acts.

The FDA has attempted to discredit claims made on the internet that animal-strength variants of the medication may aid in the battle against COVID-19. Dr. David Boulware of the University of Minnesota claims that the medication’s adverse effects are minimal even when administered at two or three times the normal human dosage of the substance.

However, formulations for farm animals may include 1,000 times the amount of toxic ingredients that are safe for people. Boulware says he gives the medication to patients just a few times a year in the United States, but more often while operating in places where intestinal parasites are prevalent, such as Africa. However, he and other specialists have expressed concern about the rapid increase of ivermectin prescriptions in the United States.

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