Pandemic Protocols And The Reopening Of LA Zoo

The LA Zoo has been shut since there was a sudden surge in the number of coronavirus patients. It reopened on Tuesday again.

 A new set of protocols will be implemented so that the reopening of LA Zoo would bring joy to many. To stop the spread, following the protocols and the right supply of vaccines are all important.  Officials said that things would be a lot better and quicker when the right amount of supply is available.

Pandemic Protocols And The Reopening Of LA Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo reopened on Tuesday to the public. The visitors were encouraged to keep a safer distance of 6 feet away from each other. This could help them stop the spread of coronavirus.  This is the 2nd time the zoo has been reopening due to a sudden surge in the coronavirus. Now that the spread has been lower compared to the spread that created havoc among people a few weeks ago.

Pandemic Protocols And The  Reopening Of LA Zoo

Officials of the LA Zoo claimed that they have made changes to the whole Zoo environment.  These modifications will make everything safer for the guests.  Their alteration and rules comply with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.  So visitors are assured safety and security if they are ready to follow the protocols laid down.  Since staying at home was strict and considered effective in December, it is now that the zoo has reopened again.

Hope is restored again and if you are ready to accept the following protocols then you can prevent yourself from the attack of the COVID 19 virus. Even if you have taken the vaccine or not, these points are very important. So make sure you take these points into account to avoid any further spread of the virus.

  • The online ticket reservation system is safer as you don’t have to be standing in a crowded queue.
  • The capacity is v very limited in the zoo
  • Mandatory to wear a mask for 2 years and older people. You can also choose to buy an animal themes mask from the gift shop.
  • The cleaning procedures are regularly applied on surfaces that would have a probability of high contact surfaces and restrooms.
  • Hand sanitizing spots are available throughout the zoo
  • Pathways throughout the zoo will have one-way traffic so that there will be enough distancing between the guests.
  • For those people who are forgetful, there are reminder signs for them to distance themselves from other guests. Markers and Physical barriers will also help you stop the virus spread.
  • The closure of areas where touching would be common. These include Papaiano Playpark, the contact yard, Winnick Family and children’s zoo, and Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel.
  • Closure of indoor and enclosed areas that people usually gather around
  • Indoor dining will be restricted.
  • No person-to-person communication is allowed. Presentations of any sort so that people gather around, and other events where the gathering will build the risk.

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