Oxygen Sent To Orlando Hospitals To Purify Water Coping With COVID

The Mayor of Orlando is urging residents to conserve water by not wasting water on lawns or car washes as Covid19 hit hospitals hard. 

Today is insane news from hell: 19 cases of coronavirus in Orlando seem to have become so overwhelming that they began to affect the city’s water supply.

Oxygen Sent To Orlando Hospitals To Purify Water Coping With COVID

Yes indeed, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer asked residents to refrain from washing cars and watering lawns “for at least a week” during a press conference on Friday, citing the city’s recent spike in hospitalizations.

Oxygen Sent To Orlando Hospitals To Purify  Water Coping With COVID

He often treats city water with liquid oxygen tanks that freeze to make it potable, he explained, but now those tanks are being redirected to help deliver oxygen to a record number of people in the hospital for covid19.

“We realized that the number one priority for liquid oxygen should be in hospitals,” Dyer said at a press conference.
Oxygen concentrated in these reservoirs is a valuable resource for patients with lung damage caused by COVID19, which we have seen has been depleted in other states such as California and New York, Mexico. 

A tanker truck with liquid oxygen is required for a week to purify city tap water. But now these three to five trucks are on their way to the hospital to help detain Covid-19 patients.

Incredibly, 40% of the city’s drinking water is used to irrigate lawns, the largest crop in the United States. The Housing and Utilities Commission asks residents to save 25-50% of their normal water consumption every day. “We are currently pumped about 90 MGD (million gallons per day) and our target will not exceed 50 MGD,” the commission said. If residents do not heed the mayor’s pleas, the city’s water quality could deteriorate.

There are a lot of bad things going on here. Lawns are essentially biological dead zones for native species. Mark Hostetler, professor of environmental protection and ecology at the University of Florida, says the earthen grass is “almost like concrete.”

However, Orlando residents pour out millions of gallons of clean drinking water every day to keep their lawns green. Millions of Americans in other countries are doing the same.

But beyond the lawn is darkness for covid19 in Florida. Notably, Dyer doesn’t mention another simple step these people can take to keep hospitals, and therefore the city’s water supply – from being overwhelmed: put on masks and inject them. The Florida government is hostile when it comes to implementing these public health measures.

Governor Ron DeSantis passed legislation that would give his office the power to replace rules aimed at limiting the spread of covid19, including allowing companies to limit opening hours or require proof of vaccination for those entering the country. Whether it’s denial, heartlessness, or strange political beliefs, this person hasn’t budged.

It doesn’t matter if the state sees 21,000 new cases of COVID in one day, or whether the state’s hospitals and crematoria literally collapse. The weight of large numbers of dead and dying people across the state or companies that make up the “free market” are suing DeSantis. But who knows, maybe a few wilted gardens will be enough to drag him out there.

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