Overwatch 2’s New Season Roadmap Explained

The PlayStation Blog describes in detail that “Overwatch 2” should get a new season every nine weeks. Each new season will have a new Battle Pass, along with the addition of a new map, mode, or hero depending on where things are in the development cycle. At launch there will be three new heroes (Sojourn, Junker Queen, and a character players haven’t seen yet), six new maps, the new Push mode, and over 30 new skins, as well as a Battle Pass. Season 2 begins December 6th with a brand new Battle Pass, plus a new tank, map, and even more new skins. The roadmap itself is still a bit vague, but Blizzard wants players to know that they have a lot to look forward to.

This will continue on a nine-week cycle through 2023, with PvE experiences eventually arriving. As for the Battle Pass, Blizzard hasn’t announced any pricing plans, nor has the developer said if it includes enough paid currency to get the next one. People have rightly been worried about Overwatch 2, but it seems like releasing PvP mode before PvE modes was the right call, as it allows Blizzard to spark new interest among players while it’s playing working out the problems for the single player mode. Keep an eye out for other special benefits, which will no doubt be announced in the run-up to the game’s release.

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