The Other Side Of The Vaccination

The Other Side Of The Vaccination

While the world is busy fighting the coronavirus, we have hope in the form of vaccination. The happiness had no bounds when the multiple vaccine manufacturers were producing vaccines in a large quantity. It is important to note that vaccinations are reliable but not 100% effective and this has been established very well by the vaccine manufacturers. The effectiveness of any of the vaccines that have been manufactured is not more than 95%.

The Other Side Of The Vaccination

Other vaccines that have been manufactured in different countries have less effectiveness than the ones that have been manufactured in the United States of America. The vaccination is our hope and we would like to believe that this will end the chaos the coronavirus pandemic has created. The questions had been raised on the effectiveness of the vaccines but it was not an issue until now. Many Americans who had already taken the vaccine shot got infected by the virus during an exposure.

The Other Side Of The Vaccination

This news is very shocking because the only reason people are agreeing to the vaccination is an assurance of safety from the virus. The situation is bad and nobody wants to risk their lives. If there will be a question on the credibility of the vaccine, a lesser number of people will show up for getting vaccinated. 

When people will get to know that the virus is affecting even the people who have been vaccinated, all the faith they had in the vaccine would disappear. But there is always another side to the story. All the people who got infected after taking the vaccine were found to be very negligent towards their behavior in the social realm.

They were not taking precautions at all. The vaccination will only work when people adhere to all the safety measures and follow the protocols set by the government. There are still many states in the United States of America that adhere to the mask mandates. All these restrictions have been imposed on people for their benefit. The governments are focusing on the collective good of the population and we must cooperate with them.

It would be better to discuss some stories where the victims of the virus were the people who were vaccinated. People learn from their experiences and this pandemic is one of those experiences that no one will ever forget. A health care worker from Tampa, Florida tells her story after getting vaccinated from the Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine. She says she was shocked when she got to know that she had been infected with the coronavirus. But she also accepts that she did not adhere to the precautionary protocols after she was vaccinated. The experts have also said that it is necessary to take all the precautionary measures even after you have been administered the two doses of the vaccine.

The most important phase is the time gap between the two vaccine shots. One must be very careful during that phase. The vaccine is not effective completely unless both doses have been administered to the individual. This should also not question the credibility of the vaccine because it has already been announced by the vaccine manufacturers that this vaccine is not the complete solution to the pandemic. 

More research and resources are required to find a full-fledged solution to the problem of coronavirus. There are also concerns about the virus mutating and changing its form. The vaccines can become effective if the virus mutates many times. That is why the vaccine manufacturers need to buck up and put in their efforts even more.


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