Orange County Vaccine Sites Are Forced To Shut Down Temporarily Due To A Shortage Of Vaccines

Shut down of a mass vaccination site at Disneyland on Thursday has made the authorities and residents speechless. This decision will be continued and the site is expected to be shut down for a while due to a heavy storm. The storm has made it miserable for the transportation team to supply vaccines to the allocated spots. This delay is expected to go on for 4 to 6 weeks. The Orange County Officials said this on Thursday and they hope this delay can be solved within a few weeks.

Orange County Vaccine Sites Are Forced To Shut Down Temporarily Due To A Shortage Of Vaccines

 A new site was expected to open at the Anaheim Convention Center on Wednesday. The site was supposed to be having Moderna Vaccine doses and the delay of supply has forced the vaccination sites to stay closed. The weather has been severe and containing the virus has been a very difficult task due to a heavy winter storm.

Orange County Vaccine Sites Are Forced To Shut Down Temporarily Due To A Shortage Of Vaccines

PODs or Point of Dispensing Sites including the Santa ana College and Soka University use the Pfizer Vaccine. Since the inventory has run out, the Santa ana College will be shut down temporarily on Saturday despite opening it on Tuesday. The Santa Ana College site reopening will depend on the delivery of the Pfizer vaccines that have been stalled due to a heavy winter prodigy.

 This leaves the Sofa university being the only POD open to provide a second dose of Pfizer vaccines until stockout- officials said

Mayor of Santa Ana Mr. Vicente Sarmiento spoke about it in a rather disturbing way that the weather is to blame for any delayed arrival of the vaccine doses. He assured  to work very hard in getting the vaccines delivered to the sites at the earliest, knowing that the need is very important and critical. The community has to be taken care of and they will have to take every necessary step to get control over the situation. 

Sarmiento said that Vaccines must be distributed equally among the counties so that  the need of every resident can be fulfilled through a well-executed plan. He was also fine if the vaccines are provided to a critical area where the spread has been high and people are suffering from the condition in a terrible way.

The residents who had an appointment on Thursday were puzzled and frustrated with this decision. They said that they were not notified of this abrupt change about a temporary closure of the site. People who had to take their second dose of the Moderna Vaccine are waiting to hear from the authority about the new date. This delay has kept many residents worried and if 6 weeks would be the delay, things might get worse for those who are not in a healthy state.

The Orange County says that rescheduling of the vaccination dates for each resident will happen only through Othena, The Orange Health Care Agency’s platform. This has been the platform that reschedules every COVID19 vaccination activity that has delayed so far.

Apart from orange county, the city of Los Angeles has also been affected due to unbearable weather that has drastically spoiled every means of transportation. An estimated 12000 appointments that were scheduled for Friday, has to be postponed  because of the weather – The Mayor Said

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