Only Eagle-Eyed Fans Were Able To Spot This Detail In Better Call Saul Season 6

as dr Caldera Saul and Kim says he’s giving up the less legal lifestyle, even showing the couple his booklet full of information for his contacts; Of course, they are all encrypted in case they fall into the wrong hands. As Saul and Kim peruse the brochure, Kim notices a business card written in English – Best Quality Vacuum Repair – before Caldera grabs it from them again.

This scene should turn the head of any Breaking Bad fan watching the prequel series: Saul is becoming the go-to man for criminal services in Albuquerque by the time Breaking Bad rolls around, and he is Person who connects Walt and Jesse to Ed the Disappearer (Robert Forster) primarily via Best Quality Vacuum Repair. Ed has not yet appeared in the Better Call Saul prequel timeline, but he does have an appearance in the black-and-white gene sequence that opens the season five premiere Magic Man.

“Who knows if these things would ever have landed, but I was always interested in seeing exactly how Robert’s character placed genes in this Cinnabon world,” co-creator Peter Gould told Entertainment Weekly in 2020 about the way , how “Better Call Saul” wanted to work in Forster’s role before the late actor’s death in 2019. While Forster himself won’t reappear, it seems likely that the series will show more directly Saul gaining access to him via Caldera’s Little Black Book. The vet says he plans to sell the magazine to finally break free from the criminal lifestyle, and that Saul and Kim would receive a large sum of money from the Sandpiper settlement soon after Plan and Execution.

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