One American Horror Story Reveal That Had Fans Completely Disgusted

“American Horror Story” has made a name for itself with its chilling imagery. If you can imagine that, the FX show probably made it at some point. But if by Season 6 you thought all options had been exhausted, think again, because one of the most grotesque visuals in franchise history happened in the Roanoke meta-season. While searching for Lee’s (Angela Bassett) missing daughter, Shelby (Sarah Paulson) and Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) find themselves on the property of the cannibal Polk family. Unfortunately, they found two dirty and abandoned Polk children in the barn, fed only on a pig carcass. The characters’ outright horrified reactions echoed those of the audience at home.

“#AHS keeps finding new ways to scare me with this pig care scene…” @RosyContrary posted on Twitter. The picture was almost too much for @cocoblue777, who said, “Wtf… breastfeeding on a lazy pig. I won’t lie, thought I was going to throw up!” Meanwhile, some viewers like @SassyHezThey were disgusted but didn’t seem entirely surprised. They wrote: “Things you say when you watch AHS… oh wow they’re nursing a dead pig…

The only consolation is that hopefully no one would need to see that in real life. But as gross as the moment was, it’s ultimately relevant to the story of the season and the larger American Horror Story canon.

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