On Hulu, The Classic Rom-Com “THE VALET” Is To Be Released – Date, Plot, Cast

However, despite its age of sixteen years, the “fish out of water romantic comedy” still has the tang of lemons. We’re referring to the French rom-com, if you will.

The Valet In 2014, the English-language adaptation of the French classic was made public for the first time.

The Classic Rom-Com “THE VALET” Is To Be Released

Following that, Rob Greenberg and Bob Fisher began working on the screenplay, and Richard Wong was set to helm the film.


Once again, the silence was shattered in 2021 when the remake began its re-emergence. Hulu acquired distribution rights for the Lionsgate rom-com in July.

Hulu will broadcast it in the United States, while Disney+ Star will distribute it internationally in the spring as a Disney+ original. The storey reveals a classic’man meets a woman’ storey, yet it does so in a way that is both simple and novel.

Even if our brain tells us otherwise, we’re all looking for something like that. Isn’t it? A little more information regarding the film is in order.

The Plot Of The Valet Is

We follow Samara Weaving’s Olivia, an international star who gets into trouble after a paparazzi snaps a photo of her with her married lover Vincent (Max Greenfield). Because she doesn’t want to risk a PR problem, Olivia makes her servant Antonio look like her new beau.

As a result, Antonio’s true identity was concealed, yet he was nonetheless thrust into the limelight. They learn that they have something in common that goes beyond their differences: humanity when they meet.

The Valet Cast

Samara Weaving and Max Greenfield both star as Antonio in the film. Patel and Noemi Gonzalez are joined by Stegman, Benny, and Cecelia, played by John Pirruccello, Amaury Nolasco, and Carmen Salinas.

A Set Date For The Publication Of The Valet

The Valet, a 2006 French romantic comedy, will premiere on Hulu in the spring of 2022. There has been no official indication on a release date, although it is expected to happen in the spring.

Production on post-production began in November 2021 and was completed by the studio’s estimate of three months earlier in March 2022.

Because the film’s excitement is being maintained at a high level, it has allowed the film’s creators to connect with a wide audience. Watch this website for updates as the waiting period is expected to be over soon.


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