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Oh My God! Ryan Coogler, The Director Of Black Panther, Was Mistaken For A Bank Robber By Police.

You can’t believe that one of Marvel’s directors was cuffed by cops because they thought he was a robber. A prank video? That’s what it sounds like. The footage, however, is true, and it happened in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ryan Coogler, The Director Of Black Panther, Was Mistaken For A Bank Robber By Police.

Ryan Coogler, director of the Marvel Studios film Black Panther, was mistaken for a bank robber and arrested in Atlanta when he sought to withdraw money from his account at the State Bank of America.

Ryan Coogler

At no one’s surprise, Coogler showed up to the bank in a white mask and hooded sweatshirt, which he thought would make him look like a robber to the bank employees.

The cashier received a withdrawal slip from Coogler, along with a memo explaining the reason for the withdrawal. A robbery suspect, the note’s message led the bank to suspect the individual in front of them.

The message from Coogler says, “I would like to withdraw $12,000 cash from my checking account. Please allocate the funds in another location. Discreetness is important to me.

Because of Coogler’s celebrity and the size of the sum he wishes to remove, passing along a message asking the officials to keep the funds private is not out of the ordinary. The message and its contents, on the other hand, gave the bank cashier the wrong impression, and she called the police to report an attempted robbery.

Two people who had been waiting for Coogler beside his SUV were apprehended by police within minutes of their arrival. Coogler was then taken into custody by the police, who put him in handcuffs and led him outside.

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After a thorough investigation, the detectives realised that the bank robber was actually the film director Ryan Coogler, and that the whole thing was a misunderstanding on both sides.

Pregnant woman who mistaken Coogler for a thief reported her suspicions to the manager who in turn phoned 911, according to reports.

After he was freed from custody, reports claim that Ryan Coogler took note of the badge numbers of all the bank personnel he encountered. Ryan Coogler, best known for his work on the Marvel Studios film Black Panther, will direct the sequel, due out in November 2022.

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