Obesity A Big Problem During Times Of Pandemic

Obesity A Big Problem During Times Of Pandemic

From the very beginning of the pandemic, a strict lockdown was imposed. People were forced to stay at home for their better good as they saw the pandemic unfold. As a result of this, the daily routine of people got disrupted. As the covid cases spiked the graph of obesity saw a similar increase. People started gaining weight because their movement was completely restricted. People were locked up in their houses and this did not allow them to exercise which is required for weight maintenance.

Obesity A Big Problem During Times Of Pandemic

As the dine-in facilities were restricted, people started ordering food at their homes. Fatty food is one of the main reasons for the rising obesity in the American Adult Population. This increases bad cholesterol in the body which starts accumulating as fats in the body. This increases body fats and in turn, results in obesity of the individual. People have gained more than 1.5 pounds in the total span of the pandemic.

Obesity A Big Problem During Times Of Pandemic

All the fitness regimes have been bypassed and how? No fitness centers are open and people have started taking gaining weight for granted. This will not show any immediate effect on the lifestyle but with time severe health complications can arise. Various studies were conducted and the result was that people have gained 0.6 pounds on average. 

The point of focus should not be that people are gaining weight rather it should be the reason behind it. Experts have stressed that during the pandemic people were restricted at home, their movement was so much restricted that their daily step counts were not enough to maintain and control their obesity. Also, overeating can be the cause for people gaining weight during the pandemic.

People have opted for eating comfort food during the pandemic because it all makes you feel better. But it is now showing on the people as they have gained weight. Foods that have high calories like pizza, sweets were the most ordered by different outlets during the pandemic, the surveys have shown. They have been ordered so much because they are comfort food and relieve stress. This also shows that people were stressed throughout the pandemic and were searching for ways to comfort themselves from the uncertainty of the times.

Expert doctors are saying that as much as the pandemic has changed eating habits, it has also altered our fitness regimes that people used to follow before the pandemic began. The urge to give yourself some slack can be very well understood but letting it become a habit is very wrong. Walking to the subway, picking groceries from the market were some everyday tasks that were effortless and helped people to maintain their physique. But all these chores are being handled from the comfort of their homes and nobody is exercising.

Eating healthy is very important these days. With the virus on the move, we do not want to be more vulnerable to it. Delicacies can be made from healthy ingredients as well and at your respective houses. Then why opt for food that is unhealthy and does not give you many health benefits. Experts have suggested some measures that can prove to be beneficial for those who are on the verge of getting obese.

The first important step would be to acknowledge that you are gaining weight. After you have accepted the reality, it is important to work towards maintaining a healthy diet and routine for the smooth functioning of your body. Switch to a more protein-rich diet and avoid eating carbohydrates as much as you can. Carbohydrates are the main reason for obesity.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be the utmost priority.

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