Now Even A Fourth Dose May Be Authorized For Immunocompromised 1 (1)

Now Even A Fourth Dose May Be Authorized For Immunocompromised

According to the updated guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those Americans with underlying health conditions that put them at high risk of getting the infection may need the fourth dose of the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine.

A third dose has been authorized by the CDC for immunocompromised Americans aged 18 years or above. The approval was passed back in August, and it was called to be a third dose but a booster shot.

Now Even A Fourth Dose May Be Authorized For Immunocompromised

The CDC said the decision was necessary as the immunocompromised citizens may not have received enough immune response from the initial two doses.

The vaccinated immunocompromised people are at a very high risk of getting hospitalized due to the Covid-19 virus. ” There are about 485 times more chances of vaccinated immunocompromised citizens to get hospitalized,” studies from Johns Hopkins University show.

Now Even A Fourth Dose May Be Authorized For Immunocompromised

CDC reports suggest that approximately 44% of vaccinated immunocompromised people needed hospitalization in case of the Covid-19 infection. The concern regarding immunocompromised is serious as they are more likely to transmit the deadly virus to people in close contact.

Three available vaccines have received their authorization for booster shots by the Us Food and Drugs Administration, namely Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. The CDC said booster shorts are only authorized for a few groups of people. These also include immunocompromised citizens. 

Authorizing booster shots for immunocompromised citizens is backed by several studies. These studies show that boosters show a boost in antibody response among immunocompromised people.

It is now under discussion that a fourth dose is required to give complete protection to immunocompromised citizens against the Covid-19 virus. 

The fourth dose can be administered after six months from their third dose. The CDC, however, clarified that they do not have any recommendation in this regard as of now. And the citizens should consult their doctors to know if they must receive the fourth shot.

Studies reveal that out of the nine million Americans, about 2% are moderate to severely immunocompromised. And therefore, their protection becomes an essential component for the safety of other citizens. The immunocompromised people can be the potential spreaders of the Covid-19 virus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that those immunocompromised citizens who have received their initial vaccination from Johnson & Johnson must get their booster shot after at least two months from the initial vaccination. And those citizens who want their booster shot to be from Moderna despite being initially vaccinated with some other vaccine must get the half-sized Moderna vaccine shot. 

The CDC gave authorization to Moderna’s half-sized dose as a booster shot. Despite all the measures being under process for increasing vaccination rates and providing booster shots, The CDC recommends vaccinated people to avoid being in crowds. 

The CDC said that people must ensure that they are in properly ventilated spaces at all times to reduce the risk of infection. The committee continues to suggest that masking in crowded and public places is essential for the safety of all.

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