Non-Smokers Are Not Safe: Secondhand Smoke

Non-Smokers Are Not Safe: Secondhand Smoke

The recent studies show that it does not matter if you smoke or not, if you are around a person or live with a person who smokes, you become a secondhand smoker and can lead to various diseases like throat cancer etc.

Non-Smokers Are Not Safe: Secondhand Smoke

If you live with a smoker then breathing their smoke can lead to a risk of oral cancer and increases its chances by around fifty percent, a new analysis suggests. An author stated that and also highlighted that we need more effective programs to prevent people to avoid the exposure of secondhand smoke to the person who does not smoke.

Non-Smokers Are Not Safe: Secondhand Smoke

The researchers found that people who intake secondhand smoke have a risk of oral cancer that is lips, mouth and throat and thus it increases the risk by fifty-one percent. Continuous exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of having oral cancer is twice as that person who is not exposed to secondhand smoke.

Saman Warnakulasuriya and colleagues stated that the systematic and persistent review of the meta-analysis supports the association between oral cancer and secondhand smoke. He is a professor of oral medicines and had also worked with the WHO center which collaborated with the center of oral cancer.

The author said in a news journal release that the analysis of response to secondhand smoke supports the casual inference when studied for a period of around ten to fifteen years. The meta-analysis sees the trend across all the studies.

There are around 448,000 cases registered for oral cancer and around 228,000 deaths due to oral cancer caused due to secondhand smoke which is a huge number. Major secondhand smoke of different alcohol consumption and tobaccos like betel quid chewing which is basically bêtel nut mixed with tobacco is widely consumed all around Asia.

Earlier the researchers only knew that the consumers of tobacco had an increased chance of oral cancer but now in the recent studies and advancements the officials claim that secondhand smoke also leads to an increased chance of oral cancer. Previous studies claimed to have lung cancer when exposed to secondhand smoke for a long period.

According to the authors, the consumers of secondhand smoke ranges from all ages. It is not only limited to adults or particularly male adults but all age groups from children to old aged adults. The recent studies show data of around 192 countries which claimed that 33% of non-smokers in male, 35% of the female who are non-smokers and 40% of the children who did not smoke in their lifetime were exposed to secondhand smoke over the years.

The issue is not new but due to a lack of information and knowledge, many non-smokers believe that if they do not smoke, they won’t have any disease. But the recent studies broke all the barriers to claim that even non-smokers who take secondhand smoke have an increased chance of having diseases like oral cancer. Hence one must keep away from a smoker at the time of his smoking which can help him save his health.

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