No Significant Religious Organization Opposes Vaccination

No Significant Religious Organization Opposes Vaccination.

(KHN) In Northern California, a megachurch pastor distributes religious exemption papers. According to a New Mexico state lawmaker, aborted fetal cells have been used for decades in the creation of certain vaccinations. A Texas preacher provides exemption letters to anybody for a donation of $25.

With workplace vaccine requirements on the horizon, opponents rely on a tried-and-true excuse: immunization conflicts with religious convictions. Most religions support immunization. No formal policy exists in the Christian Science Church, whose members depend on prayer rather than medication. It advises respect for public health officials and strict adherence to all regulations, especially vaccination requirements.

Although No Significant Religious Organization Opposes Vaccination, Religious Exemptions May Make Requirements More Difficult To Enforce.

Biden would mandate vaccines for all government employees without testing. Experts believe a person’s private religious views are unlikely to stand up in court if questioned. Individual clergy members have joined the anti-vaccine bandwagon, but sacred scriptures do not support their opinions. Many appear ready to accommodate non-vaccination opponents.

Nonetheless, the EEOC gives wide latitude regarding what defines a genuine religious conviction. Therefore, experts believe most companies and administrators will not dispute employee concerns.

No Significant Religious Organization Opposes Vaccination

The FDA’s clearance of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on Aug. 23 may resolve the issue. Many government institutions, hospitals, universities, and the military had been waiting for the relocation.

On covid vaccine requirements, California led the way by abolishing nonmedical exemptions for children in 2015. The Democratic governor’s July 26 decree requiring all state employees and health care professionals to be vaccinated entirely or subject to weekly testing was the first of its kind. Companies including Google, Facebook, and Twitter have issued required vaccination proof for employees returning to their workplaces.

The Las Vegas Catholic Diocese will not provide religious exemptions for Covid-19. The University of California requires evidence of immunization for all employees and students on all ten campuses. However, like many other companies, it allows for requests for exemptions on medical, handicap, or religious reasons, as required by law.

No prior vaccination debate has been as openly political as the one surrounding covid. Dr. Monica Gandhi of UCSF specializes in infectious illnesses. Religious exemption is a big word. With a vaccination that works, it will be challenging to ignore religious arguments in the current environment.

Senator and otolaryngologist Gregg Schmedes directed New Mexico health care professionals with a religious conviction that abortion is wrong to a website that tracks the usage of aborted fetal cells to test or manufacture the covid vaccine. One vaccination sold in the US, Johnson & Johnson, is produced from retinal cells from an aborted baby from 1985.

According to Pope Francis, the moral option is your life, but also the lives of others. Bishops in several dioceses, including Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York, have ordered priests and deacons not to sign any letter endorsing a religious exemption request.

The EEOC advises businesses to accommodate religious objections to workplace rules reasonably. Moving an unvaccinated employee to a less-socialized workplace area or away from a front-facing role may be necessary. No action that causes undue difficulty or exceeds a de minimis expense is required of the employer.

The commission’s guidance is unclear on the issue. The EEOC advises employers to believe an employee’s request for religious accommodation is genuinely held. Employers have the authority to request a proof, but workers’ religious views do not have to be organized.

Erwin Chemerinsky, head of UC-law Berkeley’s department, told KHN, no religious exception is needed under existing law. That does not stop folks from wanting one.

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