No Chemical Protection for Military Personnel

No Chemical Protection For Military Personnel

Including an official investigation, the Defense Administration has been dragging its feet on shielding duty members at military facilities against “forever chemicals” but is not done much to monitor medical repercussions from contact to the dangerous substances.

Also, it discovered revealed, notwithstanding intentions to test service firemen’s blood for PFAS this year, authorities had not strategy to monitor & analyze data on a dept. basis, as mandated by Congress.

No Chemical Protection For Military Personnel

According to the agency’s special counsel, authorities have made procedures to locate and remediate water affected by firefighting foam including PFAS, or perfluoroalkyl & polyfluoroalkyl chemicals. However, according to a newly leaked assessment, the Pentagon has failed to address alternative suppliers of the substances as required by its standards.

No Chemical Protection for Military Personnel

These chemicals can have evil effects on the skin as well as the respiratory system of an individual who comes in contact with them and hence the officials who are assigned with such duties must be given enough gear to protect from the effects of these chemicals.

2 assistant secretaries of defense, who have responded to the study, mainly agree with the conclusions and promised to resolve issues. The inspector general stated that the investigation will stay ongoing till the inspector commander’s findings were implemented.

The department “is missing an opportunity to capture comprehensive PFAS exposure data for DoD firefighters to be used for risk management, including future studies to assess significant long-term health effects relating to PFAS,” according to the audit, which is dated July 22.

Rep. Dan Kildee, a Michigan Democratic & co-chairman of the Congressional PFAS Task Group, said on Tuesday, “This inspector general’s report confirms that the Defense Department must urgently do more to protect service members and their families from PFAS chemicals”. Exposure to people has been linked to a variety of health complications; include certain malignancies, impaired resistance, and birth weight, according to global healthcare research. In the latest days, extensive monitoring has revealed

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