Nintendo Switch Sports Accessories You Definitely Shouldn’t Buy

Golf will not be included in the initial release of Nintendo Switch Sports, but will be added as part of a free software update in Fall 2022. There is no information yet about how the gameplay will work in this game. but that doesn’t mean companies aren’t already trying to sell accessories for it.

EJGAME has released a golf club accessory that is sold in a pack of two. These appear to have originally been aimed at Mario Golf Super Rush, but are now being touted as optional Nintendo Switch Sports accessories as well. These also have simple, whimsical designs and cutouts for the Joy-Con in the grips. Thankfully, gamers can use both the SR and LR buttons and a wrist strap. The rod also rotates, so players can ensure the clubhead is pointing in the right direction no matter which side they’re on. That said, the addition of golf is still months away, so it’s still unclear if this accessory will be required when the mini-game is added.

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