Governor Newsom Is Expecting The J&J Vaccine Administered In California By Next Week.

Everybody around is talking about the new vaccine from the Johnson & Johnson group.  The approval of the vaccine is to be granted in a week and Governor Gavin Newsom expects the vaccines to roll out by next week.

Governor Newsom Is Expecting The J&J Vaccine Administered In California By Next Week.

Under Gavin Newsom, 1.4 million vaccines are administered every week. His motive is to make 4 million vaccines available every week with the support of the Blue Shield System.

Governor Newsom Is Expecting The J&J Vaccine Administered In California By Next Week.

Newsom said that they have been administering more vaccines now, more than what’s received from the federal government. Everything depends on the manufactured amount of doses in stock and that has been serving the people get their vaccination done in time. They have been forecasting an increase in the supply of the vaccine doses in the coming weeks. The weather hurdles are almost cleared and the allocation of vaccines has been improving. Allocation of vaccine to its required departments will progress in the coming days with some progressions have been in place.

Projections for 3 weeks are done and California is expected to receive 1.58 million vaccine doses next week from the federal government and 1.63 million doses in the week next. These are just expectations and might go up or down depending on the availability of vaccines.

An advisory panel has suggested that the Food and Drug Administration grant authorization to the J&J vaccine on emergency approval. The FDA will be voting on this matter soon. Once the Emergency-use vaccine from Johnson & Johnson will be approved, California will be expecting to receive 380,000 doses of the vaccine by next week. So an estimated 1.1 million vaccines will be received in 3 consecutive weeks.

Newsom said that the single-dose vaccines that they will receive from the Johnson & Johnson will be easily administered to where people are. The J&J vaccines don’t require the massive storage as Pfizer or Moderna need.

The vaccine has been still in the final moment of getting approved by the federal government. It does not have much of a hassle with complicated restrictions like the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. 

Pfizer and Moderna are 2 dose vaccines that need to be taken with a 3-4 weeks gap between the first and the second dose. The first one starts working only after 2 weeks of taking it. The second dose is considered to provide a real immunity boost than the first one and the vaccine doses are to be stored at extremely low temperatures

California has been fighting it out to get the vaccinations administered to its residents. Reports till Friday show that 8+ million shots have been administered in the state based on the statistical report from the California COVID-19 vaccine dashboard.

Newsom said about how they have worked hard to bring down the number of infections in those areas that were hard hit and communities had no access to the officials. Especially in the central valley, California is planning to source  34000 vaccine doses to the farmers and their support workers. So 11 new vaccine sites are expected to be opened in the Central Valley.  Education workers will also be allocated with the vaccines and the governor has been pushing hard to reopen more schools that support person-to-person instruction. From March,  10% of the state’s vaccine supply will be provided to education workers and that includes administering 75000 doses a week.

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