News Highlight For The Week: More Than 50M Vaccination In Just 37 Days In The US

President Biden is on the path to fulfill his promise of administering a 100 million vaccine within a time frame of 100 days. As highlighted by President Biden’s administration, the vaccination campaign has gained momentum in the past few days. 

News Highlight For The Week: More Than 50M Vaccination In Just 37 Days In The US

When President Biden took oath as the President of the United States, he promised American citizens that 100 million vaccination will be administered within 100-days of President Biden’s office. Proclaiming the happy news, Joe Biden also urged people not to let their guard down at this moment. This is certainly a joyous moment for all of us. But, it is important for people to stay safe at this moment.

News Highlight For The Week: More Than 50M Vaccination In Just 37 Days In The US

He urged people to maintain social distancing and also asked people to wear masks. This is not the right time to relax. He warned people about the presence of other strains of virus. He also said that he was making sure that everyone can get a vaccine. But, it is also important for people to take precautionary measures. It is important that we must keep washing our hands and wear masks whenever we are at a public palace.

Joe Biden took office on Jan 20, and since then almost 50M vaccine doses have been administered. He had promised 100 million doses in the first 100 days of his office and the plan seems to work successfully. President also states that there has been an increase in 70% of vaccine distribution since he took office. When president Trump was in office, almost 8.6 million doses were administered every week. But, after the coming of President Biden almost 14.5 million doses are administered in a week. 

Almost 60% of people above the age of 75 have received the vaccine. In addition to this, almost 50% of people above the age of 65 have received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

Highlight of the week:

  • Governor Kate Brown on Thursday extended the declaration for emergency for the Oregon state. This emergency will be till May 2. The covid-19 cases continue to drop across the state. But, still there are more than 100 cases everyday.
  • In a happy news, FDA has said that they will allow the Pfizer vaccine to be transported and stored in the freezers that are commonly found in the local pharmacies. Thus, there is no essential requirement for ultra-rigid freezers. As per a report, it has been found that the vaccine can remain stable even in a standard freezer temperature. Thus, it will be easier for authorities to transport, store, and distribute the vaccine. This will also speed up the process of vaccination drive in America.
  • Three days after the United States became the first country in the world to lose 500K lives due to the Coronvirys, the worldwide death due to Covid-19 reached a whopping height of 2.5 million. The United States accounts for more than 20% of Global death toll. 

Today’s number

The United States has more than 28.4 Million Covid-19 cases and more than 508,100 deaths in the last one year of arrival of Coronavirus.

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