New York Puts Vaccine Mandates For Teachers And Staff Members

The teachers and school staff members must get vaccinated before Monday morning. In a first in the United States, New York mandates vaccination of school teachers and staff members against Covid-19.

New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday issued a final warning to public school staff members. Bill said, “the unvaccinated staff members and teachers will not be allowed to work this week.” He added, “the unvaccinated employees will be sent on unpaid leaves.” His announcement was to address the 1,48,000 public schools in the city.

New York Puts Vaccine Mandates For Teachers And Staff Members

New York was able to keep its schools open for most of the time last year when most of the other states were bound to shut their school buildings. Mayor de Blasio is not offering remote options of learning this year.  Smooth implementation of the vaccine mandate will not be trouble-free in New York City, as it is the largest school system in the United States.

New York Puts Vaccine Mandates For Teachers And Staff Members

Mayor de Blasio claims that 90%of the employees of the Department of Education had received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. It includes as many as 93% of teachers and 98% of the school principals. 

There are no testing alternatives permitted in the city, but medical and religious exemptions are allowed. The mandate implementation should have started last week. But a federal appellate court granted a temporary injunction of the decision.  The ruling was, however, reversed three days later.

Los Angeles is also all set to put into effect a similar mandate from 15 October. President of the Council of Schools Supervisors and Administrators, Mark Cannizzaro, said, ” The vaccination rates rose last week. Despite the rise in vaccination rates, school principals are unable to find vaccinated, qualified employees. Principals are struggling to replace the unvaccinated staff members. 

“New York must work diligently to make sure that enough vaccinated and qualified staff members are in place to open schools safely on Monday,” said the United Federation of Teachers spokesperson.

Some teachers and school staff members reached the US Supreme Court on Thursday with the request to injunct the obstruction of the mandate with immediate effects. The US Supreme Court rejected the plea on Friday.

However, several students and parents support the vaccine mandate for school teachers and staff members. Joyce Ramirez, a mother of three children, said, ” the mandate is to ensure the safety of our children.” She added, ” The vaccine mandates will ensure that teachers do not get contracted of the virus and lead to school shutdowns once again.” 

Teachers are now left with no choice but to either get vaccinated or lose their jobs. Roxanne Rizzi, a technology teacher at an elementary school, said, ” I was not in favor of getting vaccinated but had to take my shot to save my job. I had to prioritize the finances of my family.” 

The CDC announced that people who have been infected with Covid-19 should also get their vaccine shots. They assured the citizens about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, “the vaccine provides strong protection against the Covid-19 virus.”

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