New York Governor Requests Health Care Workers To Get Vaccinated

The New York Governor requested the health care providers to make the right decision.

A large proportion of health care workers in New York City is avoiding vaccines at the cost of their jobs. The state’s vaccine mandate is in place, and it makes it compulsory for all health care workers to get at least one of their vaccine doses by the coming Monday. The mandate is in place to ensure higher vaccination rates and patient safety.

New York Governor Requests Health Care Workers To Get Vaccinated

Governor Kathy’s method of handling the vaccine mandate situation in the state can prove to be a guiding light for administration for other states.

New York Governor Requests Health Care Workers To Get Vaccinated

Vaccine mandates are creating complex scenarios throughout the United States. The condition is worse now, more than ever, as the Biden administration mandates vaccines for all healthcare workers. The Biden administration announced that all healthcare workers must be fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

A few states have strict mandates in place with no exemptions to the unvaccinated. The states with strict vaccine mandates include New York City, Rhode, Oregon, Maine, and Columbia. In these states, the health care workers must be fully vaccinated to continue their jobs. Strict actions are also being taken for those defying the mandate. 

However, states like New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Maryland have alternatives for vaccination in place. In these states, people reluctant to take the Covid-19 vaccine shots are allowed to continue working if they agree to undergo regular Covid-19 tests. 

The Mayor of New York on Monday expressed his concern and said, ” I hope that the health care workers choose to get vaccinated and save their jobs.” Mayor Bill also stated that as much as 10% of the health care workers did not show up for Covid-19 vaccination, and as a consequence, lost their jobs.” New York City lost at least 5,000 health care workers to Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

On Monday, New York Health officials said by far there is no considerable shortage of working staff in private or public health care systems. 

Dr. Dave, the health commissioner of New York City, said, ” some hospitals might need to make small adjustments in their Intensive Care Units and operation theaters. Otherwise, there is no crucial shortage of working medical staff.” “Hospitals are prepared for upcoming situations, and we can assure you with good patient care in all conditions.”

Several states in the nation are going through vital problems amidst the vaccine mandate implementation. States are bound to threaten their employees of being fired if they go against the vaccine mandates.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said, “the situation is concerning as the vaccine resisters are a threat to patients. And reluctance towards the vaccine may cost them their jobs.”

The United States is observing mass shootings throughout the nation. A hospital in Delaware announced that it had to fire its 150 employees as they were not vaccinated. The Novant Health Hospital in North Carolina also announced that it fired about 170 employees as they were not complying with its vaccine mandates.

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