A New Variant COVID-19 Virus Stated As B.1.1.7 Reported at Michigan Prison

When people are vaccinated and relieved from the coronavirus widespread, a new strain of an even more contagious virus is seen in different parts of the country.

We think that prisoners are safe from contracting these viruses but that is a misconception. Recent reports claim that  90 infected cases were detected among prisoners of the West Michigan prison. The virus was confirmed as a rapid spreading variant of the COVID-19 called the B.1.1.7.  In a state of panic, The officials are trying to combat this new strain of the coronavirus and are counting on the efforts to stop the spread of this virus among remaining prisoners.

A New Variant COVID-19 Virus Stated As B.1.1.7 Reported at Michigan Prison

A daily test of the prisoners and staff was done at the Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility located at Ionia. The case has been a serious one as 88 of the prisoners were confirmed infected along with 2 other employees of the prison- The Michigan Police Said.

This new variant is known to be a UK variant and was confirmed by a staff who was tested positive earlier this month.

A New Variant COVID-19 Virus Stated As B.1.1.7 Reported at Michigan Prison

The testing took place every day and started off with a rapid test. When the results through the rapid test proved positive,  the infected person will  have to take a PCR test (polymerase chain reaction). The results are then forwarded to the state lab to make sure of the type of variant.

Out of the Preliminary samples taken and sent to the lab, 90 of the samples out of 95 sampled were having traces of the new variant. As of Tuesday, hundred of lab results are still pending and we do not know how things would end up in a few days. 

The current variant called the UK variant is more mutated and spreads faster and it’s easier for the virus to enter a body than the previous strains of viruses detected. But officials say that the vaccine has been effective against this new variant of the virus. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 705 prisoners were tested positive for the COVID-19 and 332 of them were active cases with 1 death reported.  These 332 positive cases were the latest reported this week.

The Michigan Department reported that  122 employees working in the Bellamy Creek were tested positive too. These reports show us that the active cases of the coronavirus are not declining.  Based on the data collected from across all the prisons of Michigan, 25,039 prisoners were tested positive since the pandemic broke out. The current status shows us that there are 930 active cases and a total of 138 prisoners have lost their lives since the first case of the coronavirus was reported.

Like the prisoners, the employees are also at a risk and they also have to go through the same procedures of testing. To date, 3567 employees had been tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Four of them have died so far since the virus broke out.

To avoid a panic situation, enough vaccine doses should be supplied to the prisons in a timely manner.  Since the virus has been evolving and becoming stronger,  there must be more restrictions imposed on the  allowance of visitors to the prison. If the employees are provided a  quarantine facility near the prison to follow a stringent protocol, things can be contained and spreading can be minimized.

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