New Traces Of Coronavirus Can Cause Impotence

New Traces Of Coronavirus Can Cause Impotence

According to a report in the Health Day news, there is one more upcoming reason for men to take the vaccine and be safe is that the new coronavirus traces that make them sexually weak over a period and it will be hard time for you to perform in the bed.

New Traces Of Coronavirus Can Cause Impotence

The new research claimed that the coronavirus weakens the blood vessels which supply blood to the penis is not left behind. The researchers found traces of the coronavirus in the patients of Covid in the penis and the traces were seen in two of the American patients who became impotent after the infection.

New Traces Of Coronavirus Can Cause Impotence

The main thing to look on that they had covid-19 traces around eight to nine months. The studies also found that this infection causes the dysfunction of the penis like the erectile dysfunction seen in the two men who were positive for then Covid-19. The report was published in the Journal of Men’s Health.

Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy who is a senior researcher at the reproductive urology program in the Miller school of medicine claimed that the coronavirus traces damage the tissue of the penis and the particles can cause serious disorders including erectile dysfunction which lead them to be impotent.

The blood vessels get weaken and do not flow properly to the penis for its erection. He also added that it may be a temporary disorder but a permanent disorder. The report mainly focused on the two men who had this dysfunction and are undergoing prosthesis surgery for the dysfunction. Both the men were normal before the infection. One man was seriously sick due to the virus and was hospitalized for around 2 weeks but later recovered.

The other man had mild symptoms but faced issues of blood pressure post-infection. But both men had no issues and symptoms related to the penis erectile dysfunction but now they are going under surgery. The researchers think that there is little awareness regarding this issue as not men are coming forward to show the symptoms.

They added that in a few months or a year, this will be a common symptom and they will get a better sense of knowledge regarding the erectile dysfunction in men suffered from the covid-19 virus. Dr. Ash Tewari who is the chairmen at the urology department at a school in Sinai in New York City said that the symptoms of covid-19 on the penis makes sense as the virus damages the blood vessels and tissues and can also be harmful when it comes to the tissues and the blood vessels of the penis.

However, he also added that the research is still going on, and men should not panic until they get solid proof regarding the issues and the treatment. The doctors said that patients should come forward for the medical checkup for the dysfunctions if they feel so because it is not a thing that will disappear on its own, but it does require treatment and medications.

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