New Strains Of The Coronavirus Could Create A Global Hit Again

The current variants of the COVID 19 have been more transmittable and a widespread could result in another wave of the uncontrollable situation around the globe. The authorities have been taking a serious leap ahead to keep things under control. The new variants of the coronavirus are having a faster spread rate and the statistical data shows us how dangerous it can be for the whole of mankind. The new strains of the virus have not yet been isolated and that’s why the virus has been spreading among the residents, and travelers carry it around to places wherever they go to and infect others. 

New Strains Of The Coronavirus Could Create A Global Hit Again

The mutated virus has been found among people who were tested positive. The officials have warned that the highly contagious variant, the B117 strain found among residents of the U.K may turn out to be more fatal than the earlier variants. Now that the overall infections and deaths have been slopping downward, this new strain could reverse the current scenario and the recovery process in the US will keep delaying.

New Strains Of The Coronavirus Could Create A Global Hit Again

The virus spread in the US has not been isolated yet and the new strain is ready to create another havoc around the globe. Every new variant of the virus slightly differs from the other and this will create panic again if not contained and controlled in time. If you could note that more people are getting infected, then it will clearly show us how intense the problem is.

Joe Biden, since the takeover as the US president, has been very creative in strategizing and sourcing the supply of coronavirus vaccine doses throughout the nation. Since then the number of infections and deaths have reduced, although a shortage of vaccines due to bad weather in some areas has left people in darkness.

However, the Healthcare Research team has assured that the currently available vaccines will work against the new variants of the virus, although they won’t be effective enough like they were with the old strain of the virus.

Moderna has stated that they have already shipped a booster shot that works specifically against the B1.351 variant of the coronavirus, which has been spreading rapidly in  South Africa. The shipment will be reaching the National Institute of Health and could help the spread of the virus and keep it under control.

The official report of the infected residents in the US average about 70,000 new covid 19 daily cases. When compared with the previous week’s report, there has been a decline of 12% infected cases. This has been an improvement when compared with the previous cases of 250,000 cases daily in January.

According to the WHO, the latest statistical report claims that the number of infected cases in the US has been on a decline for 6 consecutive weeks. It has been a positive response after the covid vaccines were provided to more residents in every county to stop the spread. When compared with other countries that are trying to administer the initial doses of the vaccine, many others have almost completed administering the first dose.

US and European nations are capable of sourcing vaccines for their residents. But that won’t be the case among poor African nations.

WHO’s COVAX program have sourced the coronavirus vaccines to Ghana on Wednesday. Equitable vaccine distribution may be late as wealthy nations have already struck their deal with the vaccine manufacturing companies.

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