Netflix Is Giving Bob Saget Fans The Ultimate Send-Off With A Tribute Special

Netflix has announced that the streaming giant will host a special honoring Bob Saget’s premiere on June 10, 2022 as part of the comedy festival Netflix Is A Joke. Filmed at West Hollywood’s famed comedy club, The Comedy Store, the special stars Saget’s former Full House co-star, John Stamos. Other comedy giants such as Jim Carrey, Chris Rock and Jeff Ross are featured along with musician John Mayer and many more stars.

Netflix describes A Tribute to Bob Saget as “a celebration of Bob’s life in comedy” that will include Saget’s friends and family. It will be part of a larger series of pre-recorded shows from Netflix’s Is a Joke festival, which will also include a special tribute to other stand-up legends who have passed away, and will be hosted by John Mulaney, Chelsea Handler, Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart. Other comedy specials filmed at the festival by Amy Schumer, Pete Davidson, Jane Fonda, Snoop Dogg and others will also stream on Netflix.

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