Molnupiravir By Ridgeback Biotherapeutics And Merck, New Hope To humanity

More than 700,000 American citizens have lost fife during this pandemic time and the death toll is still counting. The medical experts were expecting some miracle and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics and Merck created an antiviral pill to curb Covid 19 virus.

The distribution process will take place soon and the health care community will get another tool against the virus and many lives can be saved with this. 

Molnupiravir By Ridgeback Biotherapeutics And Merck, New Hope To humanity

Many medical experts in the USA are saying Hats off to Ridgeback Biotherapeutics and Merck for creating Molnupiravir. This antiviral pill proves to reduce hospitalization and death by half. So far, it is a breakthrough in the Covid-19 fight.  

Molnupiravir By Ridgeback Biotherapeutics And Merck, New Hope To humanity

This experimental pill by the company introduces errors into the genetic code of the virus and cures it fastly. If authorized, it would be the first oral antiviral medication for COVID-19. Ridgeback Biotherapeutics and Merck also plan to seek emergency approval of the pill in the United States and supply the drug worldwide to reduce more fatalities. 

Initially, the drug might only be available for older people or those with medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease. The medical experts also expect it to eventually become more widely available in the States.

Like other antiviral pills, Molnupiravir blocks the virus from replicating. This antiviral pill will use the drug to replicate the virus’ original genetic material. Once the process is done the drug inserts error into the genetic code of the virus.

People who took this pill twice a day for five days- within five days of showing symptoms were about half as likely to be hospitalized as those taking the placebo. They were also less likely to die. Within a month of treatment, the placebo group reported eight deaths. Hopefully, the Molnupiravir group had reported none. 

So far, the antiviral drug from Ridgeback Biotherapeutics and Merck has been tested only in patients with mild-to-moderate COVID-19, who started treatment within five days of being tested positive and had at least one risk factor that increased their risk for severe disease. Over 60-year-olds with obesity, diabetes mellitus, and heart disease are among these.

The company said they will recommend this drug to the people in the States and prescribe a five-day course. Peter Horby, a professor of emerging infectious diseases at the University of Oxford said that it will be a safe, affordable, and effective antiviral drug that will help to fight coronavirus.

In addition, Merck has agreed to license its drug to several Indian generic drug makers positioned to supply the treatment to countries with low and middle incomes.

Several renowned clinicians have emphasized that these results are very encouraging, and it’s particularly noteworthy that Molnupiravir is an oral tablet and not an intravenous drug, which is necessary for COVID-19 treatment.

Ridgeback Biotherapeutics and Merck also stated that on Friday they are planning to seek emergency authorization from FDA to distribute drugs as soon as possible. It is expected by the makers that they will authorize the drug before the end of this year if everything will be as per the plan. 

The manufacturers of Pills are expected to make enough pills for more than 10 million citizens in the USA. Already, The White House has ordered 1.7 million pills for the treatment. During the clinical trial, Merck didn’t report any serious side effects on the health of patients, stated researchers of the drug. 

Let us only hope that this antiviral drug will revive mankind to a safer environment. If this proves to be perfect then surely they will create history. 

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