Moderate Drinking Might Be Good For Heart Health

Moderate Drinking Might Be Good For Heart Health

If you have a habit to drink wine then from now you do not have to feel guilty. Researchers have found that “moderate” drinking cannot cause any risk to your health. Now, you can enjoy your half glass of wine every day. Those people who drink moderately need not worry about cardiac issues whether they have a history or not. 

The research was carried out on a number of people who have various health disorders and the habit of consuming alcohol but in a moderate amount. This does not impact the lever to a huge extent but offers better mental conditions which can help the heart to act effectively. 

Moderate Drinking Might Be Good For Heart Health

This research was carried out on people with various health conditions and backgrounds with different age groups. People from the urban and rural areas had participated in this survey hence it is considered important. 

A research team has found among 48,000 people that those who drink wine regularly in a moderate amount are less likely to repeat heart issues as compared to those who drink in the large amount. Although, this link with wine does not say anything related to the causes and effects relationship. It is very difficult to analyze the protective effect of light and moderate drinking, explained by a lead researcher from the university. 

Moderate Drinking Might Be Good For Heart Health

She also explained that those people who do not drink due to health factors might look unhealthy while comparing with moderate drinkers. They also found in research that moderate drinkers are healthier than former drinkers in many ways. So, those who have a history of cardiac issues need not give up alcohol or wine consumption if they have a habit. They can go for normal or moderate drinking. 

AHA has also issued guidelines suggesting people about drinking habits and restrictions for both men and women. They have suggested that only two drinks will be enough for men and one drink for women per day. They have also mentioned that “wine can be a healthy option for the heart”. However, it depends from person to person and how much they can drink to keep themselves healthier. 

During clinical trials, researchers also participated and drink a moderate amount of wine every day. This process proved that non-drinkers are more likely to get heart attacks and might have the risk of cardiac issues as compared to moderate drinkers. Both are different from each other and especially in those societies where people have a habit to drink every evening, said doctor Lawrence Appel

Appel said that Non-drinkers also include those people who have left drinking due to health reasons. They feel demotivated because of their heart issues and other health risk factors while drinking. Other risk factors include liver disease, accidents, cancers, and alcohol dependence. These factors can be hazardous to health and might lead to death. So, it is very essential to look after your health and decide whether you want to continue drinking or not. 

Well, it depends on the capacity and health history of people. For some, it might be an unwise decision but for some, it might give benefits to the heart and overall body. Those people who suffer from blood pressure issues, cardiac, hemorrhagic, stroke, and the bleeding should avoid drinking even if it is a small or moderate amount. Consumption of alcohol is not very risky when one knows the limit and their capabilities. 

Appel said that there are various factors they have found while doing research. He mentioned that light drinks for normal people can be beneficial but those who suffer from any specific disease should fully avoid the consumption of alcohol. 

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