Minimal Lead Elements In Drinking Water Can Cause Kidney Diseases

Minimal Lead Elements In Drinking Water Can Cause Kidney Diseases

According to a recent health study, leadless content in drinking water is safer for the human body to prevent kidney diseases. This new study warns people about having self-care in drinking water to prevent unnecessary diseases.

Minimal Lead Elements In Drinking Water Can Cause Kidney Diseases

Those who stay near the areas where such metal is used to a large extent or those who get water from the sources near such factories using lead must be alert and go for routine checks.

Minimal Lead Elements In Drinking Water Can Cause Kidney Diseases

Researchers stated that “lead is identified in drinking water through the sources such as; faucets, plumbing fixtures, and lead pipes” the quality of water is depended on the pipe which carries the drinking water to homes from water sources.

According to some sources, pipe fittings that were done in old times have consisted of lead particles. They warn people that, adults who intake the drinking water containing lead are exposed to cardiovascular effects, reproductive problems in both women and men, the incidence of hypertension, decreased kidney functioning, and an increase in blood pressure.

According to the findings of lead U.S. health authority team justified that “blood lead concentrations are having positive and significant abilities which are depended in the amount of lead in certain drinking water” various studies are also found on accounting the drinking water sources, researchers team classified that 15 µg/L is acceptable, more than that could cause health problems as listed.

The finding suggested by U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the rules are allowable based on the lead levels certified by them in drinking water. Lower levels of lead content in drinking water are having a widespread element in the United States. The rules proposed by the authorities are leveled by posing a risk among 30 to 40 million people who are affected by kidney diseases.

Dr. John Danziger is the lead author of this study, explains that “drinking water is deemed to be unhealthy for a uniform healthy diet, then lower levels of lead content can be found majorly in the huge drinking water systems mainly in the United States because they might have higher toxic levels which affect the people who are already existed with chronic kidney diseases.

Danziger added the statements that “on the increase of rigorous efforts, they are intended to improve the infrastructure of the water system which might require for protecting the individual people from unrecognized hazards”

The lead authors of this study had analyzed the data regarding health are reported that across 6000,000 people in the U.S. who are having partial diagnosis start of kidney disease in between the years of 2005 and 2017. They examined the entire EPA data which have lead concentrations within communities of water systems from the last five years when patients had started before the dialysis. 

Researchers and their team had focused their efforts on the potential effects of lead content based on the hemoglobin levels. The oxygen which is carried by proteins inside the RBC (red blood cells) is affected by the lead poison.

According to the provided data, the patients who are situated in cities are having detectable levels of lead with significantly lower levels of hemoglobin concentration levels in their water system within communities. Before and the initial start of dialysis, they received higher medication dosages for treating anemia which commonly occurs in hemoglobin levels and RBC counts with lower and normal levels.

According to the study, lead levels are having below levels in EPA of lead content drinking water which controls the threshold of regular actions. Majorly black patients are revealed with higher lead content in drinking water compared to white patients. “This point manifests the environmental justice in between races of people,” said Danziger.

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