Metal Hellsinger Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay

Players should have a pretty good idea of ​​how Metal Hellsinger will play between the various trailers and the released free demo. Like “Doom” and its sequel, “Metal Hellsinger” aims to provide players with a fast-paced and punishing challenge as they slay all sorts of demons. To support this, “Metal Hellsinger” borrows from countless rhythm games and provides a visual aid to help players plan their actions in the game.

From the left and right sides of the screen, UI elements resembling a crosshair move toward the center, eventually obscuring a player’s crosshair. The timing of this crossover will help players keep up with the fast metal beats and unrelenting riffs the title has to offer. Hitting a shot while these crosshairs are aligned will earn you extra points, deal more damage, and increase the difficulty of combat encounters. Players who are more adept at keeping up the rhythm will also find their opponents getting faster and stronger.

In addition to the rhythm mechanics, Metal Hellsinger is complete with splashy enemy executions, special abilities, and even some traversal abilities to add some variety to all the bloodshed. All in all, Metal Hellsinger looks like the perfect game for those who have ever sunk hours into the Doom series and wanted a reward for matching their performance to the sick soundtrack.

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