Mental Health Crisis: Official Police Posts Enhancing The Trauma?

Having a suicidal tendency is never a good option for any individual. It results in the loss of his assets as well as his family to a great extent. Right now, there are a lot of people who commit suicide one day or another and there could have been a possibility of saving their life but it didn’t happen due to negligence.

In the videos presented, one video shows a man dangling over the edge of an Oklahoma City overpass where his legs swing midair and the police are trying to pull him up in order to save him.

Mental Health Crisis: Official Police Posts Enhancing The Trauma?

Another video depicts a woman hanging high above the Los Angeles harbor where around 10 to 12 policemen try to grab her and try to save her life.

Mental Health Crisis: Official Police Posts Enhancing The Trauma?

These short videos have been posted by the authorities on the official pages to bring the attention of people towards their life-saving efforts. Such social media posts are seen as an act to create a positive press image amid the allegations of racism in context with George Floyd’s murder, increasing killings, and violence.

Also, such clips and visuals can be found easily on the official pages of departments on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. However, these pictures and videos can be posted without the consent of the person who has suffered from the trauma and without seeking any consultation from mental health experts. This appears to be quite a mean act on the part of police officials. 

The police tend to say that the mental health of people is among their top priorities but the revelation of suicide videos and photos tells a different story.

The Vice President for State and Federal Advocacy at Mental Health America, Debbie Plotnick comments that saving the lives of people is highly commendable. However, this act does not hold any value in improving people’s mental health.

The law enforcement agencies have posted several pictures and videos where they depict hard work and fighting crime that leads to saving the lives of people.

Several posts also include officers helping the women delivering babies and presenting signs of kindness and strength. Apart from this, you may also find some detailed captions explaining how many pills an individual swallowed before the cops saved his life. 

In addition to this, several experts have feared that the presentation of such videos acts as a manual for vulnerable people.

The kind of locations or spots depicted in the clips act as a source of motivation for people having suicidal tendencies and provide them with ideas. The agency has said that it strives to protect the individual’s identity but does not typically seek permission beforehand. 

It is feared that due to these social media posts, several deterrent viewers may prevent themselves from calling 911 for help and they might even fear getting handcuffed or arrested at the hands of cops. Further, looking at such posts is traumatizing and heartbreaking for the family who has lost their loved ones. 

There still remains a long way to go for mental health awareness among people and promote suicide prevention. It is important to reach out to people exhibiting suicidal tendencies and helping them at their best.

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